Are you looking to learn about slime games and want to know if you can play with your whole family? These are apps that can help you achieve just that.


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  • Super Slime Simulator: Satisfying ASMR & DIY Games

    Super Realistic Slime Relaxation & Stress Relief - On Your Mobile Device


    605K+ Reviews 10M+
    • Any parent knows that slime can get all over the place. You make slime and you have it all over 5 to 10 things in your house. A simulator has all the fun of slime without the mess. This isn’t just for kids, either. I love using it myself because it’s so relaxing.


  • Michaels Stores

    Creativity and savings for kids, beginners and experts in arts and crafts

    Michaels Stores, Inc.

    192K+ Reviews 5M+
    • Making slime is a blast, but it does require quite a few materials, and you can easily spend hours in a big craft store trying to find each one. I was able to find a recipe for Milky Way Slime with a detailed list of all the ingredients I needed and their exact aisle locations at the store just 2 miles from my house.


  • Pinterest

    Explore lifestyle inspiration: new recipes, creative wedding tips & design ideas


    12M+ Reviews 100M+
    • Find different ideas and inspiration for slime that you can make with your family at home. Instead of just using the standard 1 or 2 kinds of slime, you can make a special slime that is more exciting and fun to play with made by others who love slime.


  • Slime Simulator Games

    Squish, stretch, and smash slimes for a super simulation without the mess!

    Solid Apps INC.

    32K+ Reviews 1M+
    • I just discovered that good relaxing slime doesn't always have to be messy. After a stressful 10 plus hours at work, I literally got slime at my fingertips. Now I enjoy my own unique slime with all of the upsides and none of the downs. Get yours with this.


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Best Apps for Making Slime with the Whole Family