If you’re planning a funeral for a loved one or preplanning one for yourself, you should check out these digital funeral planning tools.


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    Send unique and exclusive flowers, gift baskets, chocolates, wine and more!

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    • Unexpected death in the family is guaranteed to throw you off balance. There will be 23 different forms to sign and many people to talk to. It would be terrible if you ended up forgetting the flowers. A fast and reliable delivery service will leave you with one less than to worry about.

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    Be in charge of how people remember you, even if you’re no longer there.

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    • One thing that's inevitable in the human life cycle is passing on. It doesn't have to be a topic to shy away from. With this, you can upload documents containing super personal information so your family doesn't have to go through bureaucratic red tapes at the end. Your wishes for funeral arrangements and eulogies can also go to this 1 easy-to-access place.

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    Digital funerals help you connect with loved ones, even when you’re apart.

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    • Arranging the funeral of a loved one who just passed is quite taxing. With so many things to plan, you’ll have no time to relay the sad news to all involved in a span of 24 hours. Use Everdays app to help you with the announcement to relatives, friends, and close acquaintances.

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Best Apps for Making Arrangements for a Funeral