There are different types of religions in the world. Without knowledge of people's varying beliefs and way of life, many issues often arise. However, studying different religions is key to understanding and respecting other people. Find out how apps can help you learn about different religions.


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    Your library in your pocket. Anytime, anywhere.

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    • If you want to learn about different religions and get a deeper understanding of a new one, Amazon Kindle can be useful. You can choose from different religious texts that you can read anytime and learn more about that religion. You can find 100s of books to help you understand religious writings as well.

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    Free Bible versions, audio bibles, daily verses, and devotionals!

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    • Whether you're new to Christianity or not, the Bible is a good resource for learning about the religion from its roots and how it spread to the rest of the world. With over 800 pages of rich digital text, there's so much to learn, including prominent figures such as Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

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    You can learn anything. For free.

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    • Trying to find time to learn about different religions, but can't find more than 10 minutes to spare each day? Khan Academy offers short and informative videos about the history and beliefs of just about every major religion.

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Best Apps for Learning About Different Forms of Religion