Would you like to learn about the history of Ancient Greece on the go? We've hand-picked the best apps for the job to make things easy for you.


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    Interactive 3D Animation designed to turn learning into a playful experience.

    4.7 Ratings 2K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads


    • Are you planning a trip to Greece in 2021 or 2022 but can't wait to see some of the sites? This app will give you some fun experiences right in the palm of your hand. I've always wanted to go to Greece, and though it's not possible right now due to COVID, this app made me feel like I was really there!

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    The History of Everything

    4.3 Ratings 2K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads


    • Whether you want a quick glance into Greek culture before your 5-day trip or you want to dive in further to their fascinating history, studying Greek history from your phone is the most convenient method by far.

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    Greek Gods clash at Mount Olympus! Battle epic heroes and build defense strategy

    4.5 Ratings 172K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads


    • There's no better way to learn something than through play - especially when it comes to a complex topic such as Greek mythology. Assume the roles of gods Ares or Poseidon, train your heroes, lead your army into battle, and easily memorize 100s of mythical beasts and monsters.


Best Apps for Learning about Ancient Greece