If your child is going to a Montessori school, you will find that apps can help them greatly in their education. We'll look at a few suggestions below to help you find the right ones. 


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    Toddler Pre school Learning 4+

    5.0 Ratings 895 Reviews


    • Now that its summer and many families like ours are headed out on our annual road trips. Instead of popping a movie while we are on the road, I found this great app for my toddler called Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids. It is a great app that I can rest assure that my child will enjoy playing while also learning so much! Come fall, I know my child will be ahead of the game when it comes to entering preschool.

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    The most comprehensive preschool app: from ABCs to reading, writing & much more!

    3.9 Ratings 3K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads


    • This is app is ideal for kids aged 3 to 7 who needs a good overall education across various subjects such as math, language, practical life and more. It also features many exercises which can be fun and interactive.

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    Learn word building, reading, writing and spelling - 320 phonics-enabled words

    4.2 Ratings 591 Reviews 10K+ Downloads


    • Mastering the alphabet and new words is an integral part of any child's education. The Montessori method is no exception. This app follows the rules of the system and allows kids just starting elementary school to master the basics 2 times faster than their peers.

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Best Apps For Kids In Montessori School