The UAE is one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. Enjoy a fun and hassle-free first trip to the UAE by using an app.


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    Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, English and more languages for free.

    4.7 Ratings 11M+ Reviews 100M+ Downloads


    • If you're going to travel the Middle East for any amount of time, whether it's 4 days or 4 weeks, understanding Arabic will be a huge help. Use your phone to learn the language quickly even if you only have time to cover the basics.

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    Book a ride, order food, shop groceries - all with one login & cashless payment

    4.3 Ratings 1M+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads


    • You're sure to have jam-packed sightseeing itineraries on your first trip to the Emirates. Make sure to have Careem on your phone so you can hail a car ride and get from the Sheikh Zayed to the Emirates Palace in less than 30 minutes.

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    The Gulf News app: up to the minute business, sports, lifestyle and general news

    3.7 Ratings 3K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads


    • Emirates are one of the most dynamic places on Earth. There is so much to see and do. If you've just landed, you should definitely check the news and get informed of the upcoming events. This could make even a short 3-day stay a lot more exciting.

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    Roads and Transport Authority's official app for Drivers and Road Users

    4.0 Ratings 1K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads


    • Plan your journey around the most visited city in the UAE using this car rental resource. It is backed by all 5 systems of Dubai’s transport network. This is one resource that can help you deal with some difficulties associated with driving such as finding where to park, paying for it, and finding your way around the city.

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Best Apps for First-Time Trip to the United Arab Emirates