Sometimes in life, especially in a time of crisis, we find ourselves in the position to give back. These mobile apps will help those who have extra money, time, or goods to connect with those who need them the most. 


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    Donating blood and platelets is easier than ever with The American Red Cross.

    3.9 Ratings 10K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads


    • During these stressful times, the best way to spend your day is taking care of loved ones and helping others any way you can. With this app, you can do your part for your community by setting up an appointment to donate blood. In less than 30 minutes, you can offer a life-saving transfusion to someone in need.

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    For every photo you share, Johnson & Johnson donates $1 to a charity you choose

    3.7 Ratings 2K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads


    • If you're anything like me, your desire to help people might overshadow your financial resources at times. With creative ways to give through photos on your phone, however, you can give a lot more than $5 here and there.

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    Walking, Running or Cycling: Track Your Miles Covered & Earn Money for Charity!

    4.6 Ratings 66K+ Reviews 500K+ Downloads


    • Times are tough for everyone. Many people could use a bit of a helping hand. Being low on cash is no longer an obstacle. There is always a way to help, even without spending a dime. You can, for example, do it by tracking your exercise. For each mile you run, this app will donate 25 cents to those in need.


Best Apps for Donating During Stressful Times