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Planning the perfect workout for you is all about choosing the right tool. Do you want an app to help you improve your fitness level or would you prefer an app that lets you exercise at home for a more customizable routine you can do in your downtime?

Whatever the case may be, we’ve pulled together five tips to help you determine the perfect workout planner app for you so you can get in the best shape of your life on your schedule. 

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  1. Find workout routines suitable for your fitness level
  2. Choose a workout schedule that works for you
  3. Save time by working out at home
  4. Amp up your workout with advanced routines
  5. Challenge your body by switching up exercises

Whether you’re new to exercising or you’ve got years of experience under your belt, it’s important to figure out exactly what method and fitness level is right for you as you plan your workouts.

New to the world of workout planning and exercise? You may consider an app that helps you put together a routine for beginners with a difficulty level you can increase as you improve. This way, you can make exercise a habit each week while simultaneously improving your overall strength and stamina.

Tired of the basic workout routines and want something more advanced? You might be interested in an app that offers routines at a more advanced level to help you build muscle or achieve your ideal weight. You may also want to consider an app that provides descriptions of exercises you can complete to change up your workout every now and again.

And, if you prefer to exercise at the gym rather than at home, you should consider an app that coordinates with your favorite local health club to help you plan and monitor your workouts. Some apps even offer the first gym session for free, so if this is your first time working out at a gym, this may be something you want to consider as well.

Fitting exercise into your daily or weekly routine isn’t always the easiest thing to do, so scheduling it in advance is often a helpful solution.

If you want to maintain the same workout schedule every week, you might want to consider an app that lets you set up a default workout schedule that’s the same week to week. This way, you don’t have to worry about remembering to schedule each day individually. This is also a great preventative to keep you from forgetting about your workout routine on busy days because it’s already penciled into your calendar.

Interested in completing a bodybuilding transformation by building muscle? Look for an app - for just men, just women, or both men and women - that lets you plan and schedule weekly exercises (or exercises by month if you want to maintain the same routine for a substantial amount of time) so you can successfully achieve the look and weight you want.

Going to the gym is not always the easiest thing to fit into a busy schedule. If this is the case for you, you may be interested in a workout planner app that offers an exercise chart so you can quickly and easily complete all of your desired exercises at home or on-the-go - wherever you happen to be. 

Not everyone has the time or money to spend on a gym membership and working out at home can be just as productive.

New to exercising at home? If you’re not sure what the best workout routine for you would be, you may want to look for a workout planner app that offers programs specifically meant to be completed at home. This way, you know before you start that you won’t need any complex or expensive gym equipment in order to complete each of the exercises.

Want a fast and easy way to lose weight from home? Search for an app that provides daily workout routines designed to help boost your cardio and burn calories so you can lose weight quickly. This is also a good solution for anyone who wants to get into better physical shape before advancing their workout routine with more challenging gym machines.

So you’re no longer a beginner and you want a better way to make your workout routines go farther. Choosing the workout planner that works best for you may involve considering a few more advanced workout options.

Interested in adding some muscle to your body? You’ll want to look for an app that offers fitness plans geared toward bodybuilding or building muscle rather than just weight loss. If you want to build muscle in a very specific location on your body, you may also consider an app that lets you search for exercises to help you build muscle in one or more localized areas.

And, if being ripped is something that really peaks your interest, you’ll want to look for a workout planner that offers accompanying meal plans so you know you are consuming enough protein to build muscle the right way.

More interested in improving your stamina? Find a workout planner that lets you alternate the types of exercises you do in a week to help you build stamina and increase your body’s overall functionality. This way, your body won’t ever get too accustomed to one type of workout routine and you will continue improving your stamina as you exercise.

Maintaining the same workout routine for long periods of time isn’t always what’s best for our bodies. As popular fitness sources like the Human Fit Project, Men’s Health, and Men’s Fitness Magazine will tell you, it’s good to switch things up every once in a while.

Interested in a way to change up your workout routine but not sure where to start? Look for a workout planner app that offers a plan generator or exercise directory that you can use to put together new exercises that interest you. This can help trim up your waistline or merely aid you in honing in on your perfect beach body by creating routines that keep your body moving.

If you want to move on to more advanced workouts, you may be interested in an app that will help you create a transition from your current exercises to something a bit more extreme. This way, you don’t hurt yourself by spontaneously beginning a new exercise routine beyond your abilities while also mixing up your normal routine to improve its effects.

And, if you want to challenge yourself by getting built, you may want to spring for an app that offers a randomized variety of exercises intended for building muscle so your body never becomes too used to one or more unlabeled routines.

You have plenty of new things to consider when it comes to picking out the workout planner app that’s right for you - so what will you choose? Get a head start with our list of the Best 10 Workout Planner Apps on the market today!

  • 1 ranking-icon-1 My Workout Plan - Daily Workout Planner

    Plan & manage your workout easily with My Workout Plan - Daily Workout Planner!


    4K+ Reviews 100K+
    • 95% positive reviews
    • Free
    • In App Purchases
    • Best app out there to organize your workout routine, and i have tried many. It has every exercise imaginable in its library. Very easy to use and organize. I use it daily
      Crazy Chris


  • 2 ranking-icon-2 FitOn - Free Fitness Workouts & Personalized Plans

    Stop paying to work out! Exercise & get fit with cardio, HIIT, pilates & more.


    105K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 277 users said "great workout app"
    • Free
    • Feature Rich
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • I was skeptical when I saw that the developers marketed the app as “free.” If you have struggled to find a workout or remain consistent (or wish you could take classes but can not afford to do so), then I highly recommend that you try this app. The app customizes your workout plan based on your goals and preferences (i.e., how often you want to work out, how long you want each workout to last, the type of workout you prefer, etc.), but it also allows you to browse and find workouts that you may simply want to try. The trainers are articulate, helpful, and instructional. They remind you of form and motivate you the entire way through. The workouts are ranked by intensity as well as organized by category. The only issue I’ve had so far is mainly because of my preference for trainers. I like trainers that don’t rush you through the exercises, especially if the screenshot is limited and I can’t get a good feel for the form (and especially for the lowest level workouts since I’m attempting to get into the workout habit). Other than that, I commend the developers for putting out high quality workouts that are inspiring, motivational, and actually do challenge you to become stronger, healthier, and more confident. Thank you for your efforts to bring us this app. I appreciate it.


  • 3 ranking-icon-3 JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App

    Gym personal trainer app w/ exercise planner and bodybuilding & strength program

    Jefit Inc.

    71K+ Reviews 5M+
    • 99 users said "best fitness app"
    • Free
    • Feature Rich
    • In App Purchases
    • Editor's Choice
    • Really nice for tracking my workouts. Was just looking for something to keep track of where I was at instead of writing it down, but have added quite a few new exercises to my routine from their database. I only workout casually to supplement running so only have the free version, but I could see the paid option being great for those whose fitness regime revolves around the gym.
      stuart phippard


  • 4 Gym Workout Planner - Weightlifting plans

    Gym workouts made for fast results. Lift weights & exercise with pro gym plans


    111K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 44 users said "informative"
    • Free
    • Feature Rich
    • In App Purchases
    • Editor's Choice
    • This app features a ton of exercises specific to every major muscle group in the body. For $40, you can get a lifetime subscription that will give you access to all of their professionally developed workouts and exercise plans. Even if you choose to use it for free like I do, you can tailor each one of your workouts to meet your individual goals. You can also share your homemade workouts with your friends and vice versa. The only issue I've run in to so far is that there aren't enough single-arm variants to most of the typical double-arm exercises. I like doing single-arm movements because it allows me to focus on each side and prevents me from depending on my "stronger" side during double-arm lifts. However, the app doesn't have a lot of these single-arm lifts so I can't plug them in to my custom workouts. It's not a huge deal, but it requires me to explain my workout a little more when I share it with my friends. Other than that, this app is great and I recommend it to anyone who is committed to or wants to commit themselves to going to the gym more often.


  • 5 Fitness & Bodybuilding

    Work out with Fitness and Bodybuilding app!


    153K+ Reviews 10M+
    • 84 users said "best fitness app"
    • Free
    • Feature Rich
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • This is the app I've been looking for. It's easy to use and provide the best exercises with awesome videos. You won't regret downloading it like others.
      Esona Noganta


  • 6 Gym Workout Tracker & Planner for Weight Lifting

    Gym workout tracker and planner to log your strength & weight training workouts

    Daily Strength

    9K+ Reviews 100K+
    • 82 users said "useful"
    • Free
    • Feature Rich
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • Editor's Choice
    • Update: I think it would be a good addition if there is a way to save workout on the fly as a plan coz sometimes we’re trying out workout combinations that would be good for a given amount of time. Also, could you please add the features in stats to keep track of volume per workout session and/or workout per week. Thanks! This has been a great app so far! By far the best workout tracker I’ve tried from the AppStore, and I’ve tried several from the best selling list. All of them pale in comparison to this app. I’ve listed the main features of this app if you’re comparing this with other apps. Good luck trying to find all of that features from other workout trackers. 1. Very low learning curve 2. Ease of finding workout plans that suits your needs 3. Very easy to create your own plan 4. Ability to create supersets with rest time 5. Simple animated guidance 6. Statistical tracking down to main each main body parts 7. Easily track body measurements 8. Ability to track exercises without having a plan 9. Does not gather unnecessary personal information 10. Does not require yearly membership fees. You pay once and that is it.
      christian ronel


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