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Not knowing which word search puzzle app to pick is never fun, so we’ve put together a list of five things you should consider that will make choosing the perfect app way easier.

From choosing your preferred topics to creating your own puzzles, by thinking about these five elements, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about which word search puzzle app is the right fit for you.

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  1. Keep your mind active with daily word search puzzles
  2. Enjoy solving puzzles more with topics you choose yourself
  3. Find word searches from your favorite creators
  4. Take word searches with you on-the-go with printable puzzles
  5. Create your own puzzle for a more hands-on experience

Similar to a crossword, a daily word search can keep your mind active, alert, and healthy - sort of like a trip to the Smithsonian. Daily puzzles also often come hand-in-hand with in-game bonuses and rewards.

If mental health benefits are what you’re after, then choose the app with new puzzles being published every day. You might also look for this if infinite word puzzles or printable word puzzles excite you. And, choosing an app with a new puzzle every day - just like those printed in popular newspapers like American Daily - gives you the freedom to do a new word search day after day.

If earning in-game bonuses, like hints or in-game currency is important to you, then choosing an app that lets you complete daily puzzles in exchange for rewards is what you should look for.

There are infinite situations in which you might want to choose the type or topic of the word search puzzle you are solving.

For players who are seniors, you may not want to spend your time solving a word search with themes that have pop culture and media references designed for younger audiences. You may not be interested in “the ultimate movie puzzle” or a Family Guy puzzle. If this is the case, you’ll want to select an app that offers word search topics in all categories, like food search, so you can choose the ones that most interest you.

On the other hand, young children will need a word puzzle with more simplified topics and words they understand. Parents will want to select a word search puzzle app that is either designed specifically for kids or contains puzzles meant for a younger audience. This is also a good way to make that every puzzle contains only age-appropriate material.

There are a wide variety of word search creators like Storm8, so it’s very possible you might already have a favorite or two. Word search publishers in newspapers like USA Today, Old Village, Daily Diff, and Arkadium are among the favorites of many puzzle-solvers worldwide.

If there is a word search creator whose puzzles you prefer above others, then you are going to want to select an app that lets you solve puzzles, maybe even including a jigsaw puzzle or two, exclusively by that author or publisher.

If you do not have a preferred author, then you might instead want an app that offers puzzles from a variety of different authors and publishers so you can find the ones you like best.

As a form of entertainment, word search puzzles are a great way to spend your downtime because they keep your brain active and alert. They can be a great way to fill in the time while commuting to work or, more generally, expand your vocabulary while doing something fun.

However, it can sometimes be tricky to access the popular puzzles you want if you don’t have an internet connection.

If you don’t want to waste your phone’s battery while you’re on your way to and from work, you’ll want to choose an app that lets you print off the word puzzles you want to solve next so you can take them with you anywhere; especially good for seniors who have trouble reading the small print on their phone screen. This way, regardless of how long your commute is, you don’t have to wonder whether you’ll have enough phone battery left to get home.

Additionally, for teachers who want to incorporate a method of hands-on learning in the classroom, choosing a word search puzzle app that allows you to create multiple printables of the same word search game can make it easy to teach key vocabulary terms and topics to students.

If free word search printables are what you’re after, then look for the format that allows you to print the puzzle. If keeping the exact formatting of the word search is important to you, you will select an app that allows printing in the PDF form. 

Creating your very own word search puzzle can be a fun way to express your creativity. Whether you want to give your friends a unique, custom-made challenge or you’re looking for a way to keep the kids busy, a word search game maker can be the perfect solution for a rainy day indoors.

For parents who want to stimulate their children’s brains with an exercise that’s both fun and educational, you’re going to want a word search puzzle app or word solver that allows your kids to choose the topics and words they get to include in their custom puzzle. For children who enjoy adding graphics to their creations, you might also look for an app that allows them to customize the appearance of the word search, not just its contents, like those on discoveryeducation.com.

If you’re wanting to create a puzzle in order to pass it off to friends and challenge their intelligence, you may want to select an app that allows you to choose the difficulty level of each puzzle you design.

Now that you have a better idea of the things to consider in order to narrow down the perfect word search puzzle app for you, check out our Best 10 Word Search Puzzles and Games.

  • 2 ranking-icon-2 Free Word Search Puzzle - Word Find

    The Free WordSearch puzzles is a finding words game or find a word game


    13K+ Reviews 100K+
    • 84 users said "lots of fun"
    • Free
    • Clever, keeps the pace up but then you get stuck for a bit and challenged. I like the availability of simple levels. No fancy rules to figure out. Great fun!
      Brandon Williams


  • 3 ranking-icon-3 Word Search Addict - Word Search Puzzle Free

    PLAY WORD SEARCH PUZZLES FREE in Word Search Addict - Free Word Search Games!

    Matcha Sauce LLC

    47K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 35 users said "fun word game"
    • Free
    • In App Purchases
    • Fun seek a word game . It works just like every other seek a word game, except the list of words per each puzzle is much smaller compared to some versions of this word game. You can do a bunch of boards in a few minutes or do one at a time.
      Tavia 2Step


  • 4 Infinite Word Search Puzzles

    THOUSANDS of unique word search puzzles across over 130+ categories!

    Random Logic Games, LLC

    138K+ Reviews 10M+
    • 26 users said "educational"
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • Editor's Choice
    • This is a really great app! The puzzles are fun and engaging with a wide variety of themes. You can play without a timer or you can play a series of 30 timed puzzles that get progressively more challenging. Play as many puzzles as you want and the game saves your progress. Ads grant more time and hints, but you can always opt out if you wish. I’m loving the new daily puzzle feature! Thanks for making such a fun game!!


  • 5 Wordscapes Search

    Try the NEWEST free word game in the Wordscapes family!


    31K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 16 users said "fun word game"
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • Like the title says. Awesome way to kill time, and keep your eyes and brain moving. Haven’t had any issues with excessive ads, either. I would recommend this game a thousand times over. It’s really a great game. Thank you for reading this, and I hope y’all have a good day. 😬
      C. Jude


  • 6 Word Search

    Adicting word games for free, the genuine word-finding game for all the family

    Top Rated Word Games

    710 Reviews 10K+
    • 96% positive reviews
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • This specific word search game is A1 and it has been so since day one. The different classic puzzles for each days is a warmup technique for the brain for cognitive motor skills and the detailed puzzles make this application an interesting game for learning new words and or phrases.
      TamaramSelite ow


  • 7 Word Search Puzzle

    Find the hidden words with your fingers in Word Search Puzzle for FREE now!

    Word Search Puzzle Games

    49K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 60 users said "educational"
    • Free
    • In App Purchases
    • This game is challenging, yet relaxing! As I have experienced, I hope this game never goes away, nor gets distorted!
      Corrine Dalzell


  • 8 Word Search

    Get the incredibly addicting word search game that everyone is talking about!

    Italic Games

    29K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 31 users said "educational"
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • I absolutely love this word search. I love the different colors that i have for every word i find and mark out. Awesome. Patricia 😍😊
      Patricia Smith


  • 9 Word Search Pop - Free Fun Find & Link Brain Games

    Search for hidden word and play music whilst you do! Have fun with your friends!


    8K+ Reviews 100K+
    • 12 users said "helpful"
    • Free
    • In App Purchases
    • This a A great game! it's free and fun I really enjoy it and their is no adds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! it's so fun
      Chloe Beaver