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Word Association Games: You Need This On Your Smartphone

What Are Word Association Games?

Word association, like all word games, involves wordplay; there's an exchange of words that are related. The game tests a person's knowledge of words by requiring the production of other associated words in response to the word given. Two or more people play the game. One player utters a word, and the other players are required to say another word that's closely related to the first player's word. The words may be opposites, compound, or synonyms. It only matters that they're in some way connected. To succeed, players need a combination of speed and spontaneity.

These games serve not only as entertainment but as educative tools for both children and adults. They're equally useful in psychology and psychiatry, to give insights into the mind and reasoning of a person. 

Types of Word Association Games

Like other games, word association games come in different types. Still, every type follows the same principle of thinking of other words that are related to the first word given, albeit with minor changes and additions that emanates from contrasting geographical regions and cultures of players. As a result, there are many types of word association games with rules governing the time each player gets and how closely words must be related. 

The major types include:

Synonyms or antonyms, where the player's response to the word must be a synonym or an antonym as the case may be.

Rhymes, in which case the game gets played using rhyming words. Depending on the rules of the game, the rhyming syllable may be the first or last.

Secret words are a type of word association game, which sees a reversal of the process. Here, players need to guess the secret word based on the related words and phrases that the game gives to them.

Topic related words. Individuals can play this variant in one of two ways. In the first instance, the app provides a subject, and the players supply as many related words as they can within a specified time, say 2 minutes. The second way presents players with a list of associated words; the list could be the lyrics of a popular nursery rhyme, for instance. The job of the player is to determine links between the words and give a topic for the words.

Basic word association games, which have no added requirements, players only need to produce another word related to the first word in a timely fashion.

From children to seniors, virtually everyone can play the various types of word association games, with varying degrees of difficulty to match or slightly challenge the thinking ability and vocabulary of the players.

Improve Your Vocabulary While Having Fun

By default, games are fun and entertaining. A game that does not meet either of these criteria cannot indeed be called a game. Still, in addition to being engaging and fun, games can also be educative. One such educative game is word association. It helps to improve the vocabulary of the players by introducing new words, alternative meanings to already known words, and different ways people may use them in sentences. Also, word association games encourage and develop the critical thinking abilities of the players. 

Give Your Brain the Workout It Needs

A common misconception that people harbor is that the brain is a muscle; this is not true. The brain's composition is of grey and white matter with little muscle. Still, while the mind is not a muscle, one should endeavor to exercise the brain as often as we do with muscles.

Of course, brain exercises differ from regular ones, the aim is not for muscle definition but to improve cognitive ability and reasoning.

Word association games are effective ways of giving the brain the much-required workout for increased brainpower and output. The games stimulate and activate the sections of the brain responsible for language and word-finding, which forces the brain into action.

The availability of word association games on smartphones means that one can play these games while in transit or during work breaks, making them useful and less tedious ways to boost brainpower.

The Best Word Association Games for Mobile

Traditionally played among friends and family, the advent of smartphones allows for word association games and similar apps to be played and enjoyed using a smartphone. For instance, Guess the Word, Word to Word, and 3 Circles are among the most widely played word association games on smartphones. You can browse our curated list of the best word association games for your smartphone.

Word association games are fun and educational. Regular interaction with these games will improve a person's vocabulary and thinking agility. Ultimately, word association games are practical and less tedious ways to enhance brainpower. The availability of these games on smartphones means that people can play on the go. If you are looking to try out one of these games, our list of the best word association games is a good starting point.