With Weather Widget Apps, You'll Know When it's Rain or Shine

Free & Customizable Weather Widget Apps

Let's start with the basics. You can download a free app, which will have features such as storm notifications, radar options, and widgets. Widgets are very useful as they continually run and give you up to date information without having to navigate through your phone to open up the app. Of course, if you want the most accurate and detailed information, the app will have it all and other features worth getting to. But if you are looking for a quick glance of information, a widget is very handy. With free apps, there might be features, yet these features will probably not be as seamless as those of the paid apps. More importantly, free apps will most likely have ads and pop-ups, which can be annoying when you are looking at the radar, trying to anticipate if the wind is bringing a storm your way, or how much rainfall is expected in the next 12 hours. 

So, an ideal weather app for you depends mostly on what you need. For example, if your job is heavily dependent on the weather, then getting an app with lots of data and features readily available is imperative. If you live in an area that is prone to severe weather, you might want to look into a paid app that gives you notifications of weather reports to keep you and your family safe. But, if you're just wanting a weather app to see which day on the weekend you should join your buddies to play golf, then you might not need all the bells and whistles. In that case, you just need a simple app that can accurately predict the weekend's rainfall.

Weather Apps for 7 Day Forecast

Another important feature that can help you is a 7-day forecast either displayed on your widget or simply a feature in the app. Of course, knowing today's forecast is important, but if you're starting a project outside or heading on a camping road trip, it's pretty crucial to know what to expect each day weather-wise. That way, no matter what you're planning for the rest of the week, you can prepare accordingly, or at least not be too surprised if the weather turns sour. 

When seeking out a weather app, if one important feature is a weekly forecast, then try and download an app like Overdrop. This app features a weekly weather timeline, daily weather report, radar, and a couple of design options for different widgets. 

Weather Apps For Daily & Hourly Updates

Let's say you live on the coast, in hurricane alley, or work in a profession that either helps during severe weather or is affected by it, you might need an app that keeps you informed every day or even every minute. 

Many apps, including Accuweather, feature widgets that have a minute to minute weather forecasting. This basically means that you can glance at your phone's screen and see if it is going to rain in 15-20 minutes, and the expected amount of rainfall. These widgets can also feature a customizable screen with a clock and date. Some widgets can go even further, such as giving give you options to have multiple clocks for different cities, and weather forecasting for different areas. That way, you can find weather and time information about different regions important to you on one simple display. So, whether you want to know what the weather is like in the neighboring county where a baseball tournament is being held that day, or you're headed to a family members house a few cities away in the afternoon, you can find out all the basic information in one spot. 

Weather Apps for Your Location: Storms & Other Alerts

Another major reason for having a weather application is to get alerts of any severe weather coming your way. Many apps feature storm notifications that you will be able to customize in the settings section of your smartphone. You can allow the application access to notify you of a weather alert, and you can decide on how you want the alert displayed on your screen. 

Once you receive the alert, you can get immediate information on the widget provided on your screen. But, if you want more information on the impending storm, you can open the weather app and access the radar screen to see where the storm is coming from, any emergency news or information, or hourly conditions predicted. 

Fun Weather Apps to Lighten a Stormy Day

However, not all-weather apps and accompanying widgets have to feature scary severe weather reports. Some apps can make learning about the day's temperature and forecast funny, and even be a little sarcastic. If you want your weather report with a touch of humor, you can download the app Carrot Weather. This is the best app for getting your weather information and a guaranteed laugh. 

Another entertaining weather app features depictions of the landscape of the area you are in. For example, with YoWindow Weather, if you live in a bustling city like New York, it will feature the skyscrapers and lights of the city in animated form, for both day and night. Or, if you live in a rural area, it will show you an animated farm or country area. These animations will give you a visual representation of the weather forecast in your area. So, if you open the app and the animation is sunny without a cloud in the sky, then you know it's probably going to be a beautiful day. If your animation shows pounding rain and lightening, then you know it might be the right day to call in sick and stay home. 

No matter what your requirements are for a weather app, you can find one to fit your needs. Check out our list of the top 10 weather widget apps to see if any of those are a perfect fit for your lifestyle and weather needs.