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Why World War II Strategy Games Are So Popular

What It Was All About

World War II (Second World War) was a global war that roped in most of the world’s nations and involved millions of people. The principal actors in the war were the Allied nations (United States, Britain, China, France, and the Soviet Union) and the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan).

The war began when German troops invaded Poland in 1939. The invasion provoked a response from France and Britain. They immediately declared war on Germany. By 1940, the Adolf Hitler-led German forces had overrun Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, and France.

Britain was attacked in 1940, however, the British Royal Air Force more than held its own against the Germans. The Germans also set their sights on the Soviet Union in 1941. The size of the country and the brutal winters made it an impossible task for Germany. By 1944, the Germans had been forced out of the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, the neutral but powerful United States military entered World War II in 1941 when Japan launched a surprise attack on the Pearl Harbor naval base in Hawaii. The US declared war on Japan immediately but did not get seriously involved until 1942. The US and Japan engaged in a series of notable battles, including the Battles at Okinawa, Iwo Jima, and Leyte. Allied forces continued to advance on Japanese territory with massive bombing campaigns on major Japanese cities.

In 1944, the US and British forces landed on the French coast of Normandy. This incursion was known as the D-day invasion. The occupying German forces were forced into a retreat. By early 1945, Hitler committed suicide and Germany surrendered.

Then, in 1945, the US dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was the first and only use of nuclear weapons in the history of human conflict. The untold devastation wrought by the bombs led to Japanese surrender and brought the war to an end.

Learn History While Having Fun

Many students find history class boring. However, learning history can be fun with smartphone apps. History class on an app is interactive and will transform a potentially tedious subject into an informative and enjoyable experience.

World War II was a significant war that involved unique locations, milestones, speeches, historical personalities, and a lot of activities to excite any history buff. A World War II app places all you need to know about the war in a single location in a way that will stimulate any user.

A strategy game app takes the fun to another level as you get to bring your tactical ability to play and devise strategies for conquest. Play as a general, a world leader, or an infantryman and have loads of fun as you attempt to rewrite history.

Immersive Gameplay Options

World war II strategy games have a variety of immersive options that allow you to experience the war from several vantage points. You can choose to play as an Allied war strategist or an Axis troop commander. Assume the role of key generals to figure out what drove them. Fight major battles with assistance from online players around the world and ascend the leaderboard ranks.

Improve Your Cognitive Skills

One of the benefits of strategy games is that they improve your cognitive skills by getting you to think carefully and deeply. You have to try to get into the mind of the enemy and figure out his next move. World War II strategy games test your ability to formulate plans and carry them out while preparing for unforeseen contingencies.

By playing strategy games, you become better at making quick decisions in high-pressure situations, a valuable skill in real-life situations.

The Best World War II Strategy Games for Smartphones

Lovers of history and military strategy can relive and get a piece of the World War II action by downloading one of these strategy game apps.

WW2: Strategy Commander Conquer Frontline

Become a World War II military commander and win the war. Take charge of the Allied or Axis powers and rewrite the history books. Build a strong force, go beyond enemy lines, and take control of enemy resources.

Devise tactics for battles on land, sea, and air. Reenact historical battles and conquer the world in this World War II game.

SIEGE: World War II

Siege features real-time multiplayer tactical duels. Compete against strategists from around the world. Forge alliances, create tactical plans, lead military assaults, and defeat challengers to advance on the leaderboard.

Call of War – WW2 Strategy Game Multiplayer RTS

Become the leader of one of the Allied or Axis nations and implement a holistic approach to winning the war. Manage the economy, influence weapons research, forge alliances, invade nations with historically accurate troops and make your chosen nation the true superpower.

1942 Pacific Front – a WW2 Strategy War Game

Command the troops near the Pacific in this naval warfare game. Choose the right tactics as the commander of the US or Japanese navy. Use torpedoes, submarines, battleships, and warplanes as you ambush the enemy on your quest to become the ultimate conqueror of the Pacific Front.

1944 Burning Bridges – a WW2 Strategy War Game

Relive the decisive D-day invasion of Normandy in this World War II game. Command the attacking allied forces or thwart the invasion as the leader of the occupying Axis army. Plan attacks, burn bridges and destroy bunkers to give your army a strategic edge.

The Second World War is long over, but the world continues to learn lessons from its aftermath. Immerse yourself in the World War II experience, and become a master of strategy concepts by downloading a World War II strategy game app.