Where to Find the Best Work Shift Calendar App

Why Shift Planning & Organization Is Important

Regardless if you work for a company with 100s of co-workers, or own a business with less than 10, having an organized schedule for employees is crucial to the success of the company. The function of a shift calendar is to let each member of the team know when they are working, which can also lead to the tasks they should be doing during their shift. For instance, if you own or work at a cafe, if someone is scheduled the morning shift, they know this includes the duties of opening the cafe, turning on the register, and other opening responsibilities. 

The best way to keep employees or co-workers happy and aware of their job role is to have a clear and concise work schedule available to them. The best way to do this is by having an app that they can refer to anytime, anywhere. Work shift apps offer many features that make it easy for employees and management to communicate, productive, and well-organized.  

Shift Plans for Nurses

One occupation that could benefit massively from a work schedule app is the position of a nurse. In any hospital, you'll see nurses working hard every single hour of the day. Nurses work long hours, and those hours can vary from morning, afternoon, and late into the night. Not only do nurses have rotating shifts, but they also can be rotated between departments within the hospital. 

For this reason, having a multi-functioning shift app like NurseGrid is crucial to the organization of the workforce in any hospital. With this app, nurses can see which department they are scheduled to work in, be able to switch shifts with other nurses if necessary, and even be able to apply for different nursing jobs around the country. 

Managing a large team of dedicated nurses can be a challenging task. Furthermore, as a nurse, knowing your weekly schedule in different departments can also be exhausting. But with an organized schedule app, both head nurses making the schedules and the nurses working within the schedules can have clear communication and be able to focus on the most important part of their job, the patients. 

Personalization: Give or Take Shifts Seamlessly

Shift scheduling apps also allow companies to customize their scheduling system to make it work for them. For example, a shift app can use a color-coding system to signify not only when a certain team member is working, but also what job role the shift is responsible for. A lot of professions that require shift work are related to the medical field, nurses, doctors, and paramedics. However, other important jobs that require shift schedules include police officers, customer service representatives, restaurant and bar staff, hotel and reception staff, cashiers at convenience stores, and many more. 

As you can imagine, the shift planner for each of these professions will look very different from one to the next. Therefore, shift apps can customize to make the scheduling for each position efficient and functional. Of course, the days of a police officer vary from that of a restaurant manager, but they are similar in the fact that they both work from shift schedules, and to do their job successfully, they must be able to track their committed work schedule.  

Option to Keep Track of Wages

A great feature for some of these work shift apps is all about transparency. Each employee or member of staff can see how many hours of work are allocated to them as well as their peers on a weekly or monthly basis. An app like PAYDAY features a calculator so each staff member can see how much they will be making weekly, therefore, being able to budget their income accordingly. Not only are they able to see the hours and pay accrued during the pay period, but they can also adjust for overtime, giving them a true reading of how much will be on their next paycheck. This can also help the management or payroll department as a reference tool when they begin to process the bi-weekly or monthly payroll. 

This can also be of great value to anyone working as a freelancer. If you're working on multiple projects at one time, you can record how many hours you've committed to each project, and track the hours worked for each project in one convenient place. This way, you can track how much you are making on multiple projects as well as hours, so you know whether you have the time to take on any more projects.  

Other Features You May Want to Consider

Depending on how much customization your shift scheduling app needs to have in order to run your business successfully, you might opt for a free or paid version. For example, if you own or manage a business with 6 staff members working in 2 shifts a day, 5 days a week, it likey a free and basic shift scheduler app will be more than enough to stay organized. Yet, if you're managing a team of 30-50 with multiple shifts rotating in a 24 hour period, you might opt for a paid version with all the bells and whistles to make it easy for your staff to know what they are working, and in which department or job role. 

Another great feature offered by most of these scheduler apps is that you can sync them to multiple devices as well as to each device's calendar. In addition, hours and overtime can be exported to your computer so you can take the data and make a payroll chart or spreadsheet to save the information. This can be of great value during tax season or when investigating your profits versus expenditures. 

Work schedule apps can make going up to work to check the schedule posting a thing of the past. It can also help those that create the schedule compile information like requests for time off, departments needing shifts filled, and overall schedule management all in one convenient location. So, check out our list of top 10 shift schedule apps to see if there is one that can make scheduling at your profession functional, so you and your staff can focus on the important stuff.