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What You Should Know About Highway Racing Games

History of Road Racing

The earliest roots of road racing can be traced the mid-19th century Europe, not long after the invention of the gasoline-powered internal combustion engine. The first organized race was a 50-mile lap from the French cities of Paris to Rouen.

The first road racing event in US history was the 1895 Thanksgiving race from Chicago to Evanston in the state of Illinois. Early races were sponsored by newspapers, and the vehicles used were mainly prototypes to be released the following year.

Road racing has evolved to become a highly sophisticated group of events that we know today. Closed public roads that served as racing venues have mostly given way to purpose-built racing circuits in different parts of the globe. Today road racing competitions like Formula One and other Grand Prix races have become highly acclaimed events followed by millions of fans worldwide. 

Features of Road Racing Games

Road racing games are a genre of racing games in which the player takes part in racing contests using cars, trucks, motorbikes, or other land vehicles. These class of games may be based on real-world fictional competitions. The advent of mobile apps has made it easy for interested players to download and play some of these games on their mobile devices. The typical features of road racing games include:

Multiple Gaming Modes

You can play road racing games in several modes like arcade racing, time trials, cop chase, or non-competitive game modes. Multiplayer contests allow you to challenge other players and move up online leaderboards.

Customizable Vehicles

Road racing games are characterized by an array of cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles. You can acquire tokens or make in-app purchases to enable you to customize vehicles or upgrade your vehicle.

Special Tracks

Road racing games may feature real and fictional streets, roads, or highways. Newer roads or tracks are unlocked as you accomplish set objectives.

Detailed Environments

Road racing games provide realistic racing environments marked with trees, mountains, and other landmarks to give a realistic gaming experience. 

Subgenres of Racing Games

Many racing subgenres have been developed over the years. However, most racing games can be grouped into three major categories:

Racing Simulators

Racing simulator games are designed to replicate real-life driving as closely as possible. This class of games takes the dynamics and rigors of driving a real vehicle into consideration. Racing simulator games emphasize crashes, chase scenes, speed, precision, and driving maneuvers. Simulators' websites host tournaments in which enthusiasts from across the world compete for honors.

Arcade-style Racers

Arcade-style racers are designed to be thrilling, high-octane experiences the point being to provide you with a great fun experience. There is less emphasis on such elements of driving like speed and precisions. The focus of this category of games is the racing element of driving. Unlike racing simulators, arcade-style racers can take more risks like drifting or sliding through turns without slowing down.

Kart Racing Games

The kart racing subgenre is also fun-focused and characterized by simple driving mechanics, obstacle courses, ramps, turbo pads, and secret shortcuts. Vehicles are controlled like a go-kart and don’t require a clutch pedal or gear stick. Kart racing games are famous for featuring cartoon characters as drivers, and feature modes in which drivers hurl projectiles at one another to gain an advantage. 

A Genre of Racer Games

Highway racing games are a class of games that bring to life your desire to step on the gas and breeze across the highway at incredible speeds - race along different highways with your car, truck, or motorbike. Break traffic laws as you evade cops, overtake opponents, and try not to crash into slower cars and pedestrians.

Experience the thrill of breezing through highways alone or compete with other players in multiplayer mode. Highway racing apps allow you to live out your speed racing fantasies from the comfort of your home.

Advantages of Playing These Games

The thrill and adrenaline rush you get from playing racing games are only the basics; there are other benefits to playing highway racers:

Improved Hand-eye Coordination

Like many other games, highway racing can improve your hand-eye coordination with its unique set of visual interactions. Racing games trigger quick thinking, and regularly playing them can significantly improve your reaction time.

Improved Concentration

Racing games require you to respond to stimuli from multiple sources and using them to devise and adjust strategies while racing. Processing all the data and using them for the duration of a long race requires considerable focus. Playing highway games will help improve your concentration in ways that can find good use in real-life situations.

Better Decision Making

Highway racing games, especially in multiplayer mode, will force you to make quick decisions within a short timeframe. Your multitasking abilities and your ability to think quickly gets a boost from playing highway racing games, and your overall decision-making skills get a boost.

Stress Relief

Highway racer apps can provide a natural outlet for stress. If you find the competitive modes of racing games not so stress relieving, you can play the games in non-competitive solo modes. Taking your car for a solo ride on a picturesque highway can rid you of some of that tension.

Racing games fill you with a sense of excitement, danger, and recklessness as you compete on the world’s greatest tracks and highways. Put your racing skills to the test by downloading one of our Best Highway Racing Apps

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