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What You Need to Know About Anti Theft Systems

Benefits of Using an Anti-Theft System

New improvements in technology are leading to the production of devices and gadgets that can assist man in increasing his productivity. However, these devices usually possess cutting-edge features that make them very costly and prime targets for theft. Therefore, it’s only logical that such things of value should have some mechanism that protects it or prevents it from being stolen.

Some benefits of anti-theft systems are:


Anything that is valuable is of great importance to you, and sadly, to thieves. An anti-theft system is a great way to keep your possessions safe and secure without being there to keep needless watch.

Peace of Mind

You shouldn’t have to lose any sleep because you purchased an expensive device that may attract attention. An anti-theft system gives you peace of mind and takes away the fear and anxiety that may result from losing something precious. When it comes to mobile devices, anti-theft mobile apps can alert you when someone is attempting to steal your phone.

Insurance Discount

Another good reason to use an anti-theft system is that you may get a discount on your insurance. In fact, most insurance companies charge less for valuable possessions — especially cars — with an anti-theft system installed. Make sure to contact your insurance provider to get the full details on how installing an anti-theft system can affect your insurance. 

Prioritize When Choosing an Anti-Theft System

Anti-theft systems come in lots of varieties. It is essential to consider a security system that has adequate features to protect your device and valuables.

Some of the factors that should influence your choice of an anti-theft system are:


The level of sophistication and security of an anti-theft system mostly depends on its price. It’s true that getting one that guarantees more protection may be costly. But, if it can do the work, then there’s no need to balk.


Your location is crucial, especially if you are considering an anti-theft device for your car. If the rate of car theft is very high where you frequently park your car, you may need a more elaborate anti-theft device.


Anti-theft systems may be passive or active. Passive anti-theft systems automatically turn on and shut off when a person, for instance, opens or closes a door. Active anti-theft systems, however, need to be triggered by clicking a button. For mobile devices, you may need to install an anti-theft app to activate the anti-theft system. 

Various Types of Anti-Theft Systems

As mentioned earlier, anti-theft systems have evolved over the years giving rise to many variations and options, from sophisticated models like biometric scanners to simpler mechanical devices such as vehicle tire locks. Some of these security systems could also be active or passive, as already described above.

Some anti-theft systems include:

Palm Vein Recognition 

An anti-theft system that uses the pattern of marks on the palm to grant or prevent access to a prized possession.

Biometric identification

This is a type of anti-theft system that can only be activated or deactivated with pre-programmed fingerprints.

Mechanical Anti-Theft Devices

These are non-electronic devices that you can install manually. One example is a car tire lock used to prevent a vehicle’s tire from turning.

Anti-Theft Systems For Automobiles

There are many anti-theft systems for automobiles to choose from.

Steering Wheel Lock 

These are devices used to lock the steering wheel, making it impossible to steer. It’s a great and cheap device to prevent car theft.

Car Cam 

The car cam is a device installed in cars that work with an anti-theft mobile app. It takes pictures and records videos of your vehicle in the event of a burglary attempt. A storage app helps store the pictures and footage on your mobile phone. You can then send these pictures or videos to the police to track your stolen car. 

GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker does not necessarily protect your car from theft. What it does is it detects the location of your device wherever it is. It can also detect slight movements in your car’s position. You can then forward the GPS coordinates to local authorities for tracking, using a messaging app.

Top Anti-Theft Alarm Apps

The best anti-theft alarm apps are those that are quick to detect and give you timely alerts when someone touches your phone. Using them in conjunction with special messaging apps that hide sensitive details further helps secure your phone and the information in it. The factors mentioned above are what should influence your preference when choosing an anti-theft alarm app. However, one app that proves particularly useful is Don’t Touch My Phone. The app lets out a loud alarm and takes a selfie of anyone who touches your phone. Other cool apps like this are Find My Lost Phone and LockWatch

There is a possibility that your car or property could always be burgled or stolen. And this demands the need for an anti-theft system . You may want to overlook the prices of these anti-theft systems and buy one that can guarantee security and give you rest of mind. However, when it comes to mobile devices, you can always check online for the Best Anti-theft Alarm apps. 

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