Ways to Pick the Most Amazing 100 Doors Game Apps

Go for a Simple One to Dip Your Toes in the Game

Escape puzzle games are one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp as a tack. They can put your little grey cells to work as few other apps can. Perhaps no other genre pushes the premise as far as 100 doors games. These digital conundrums will really make you sweat. To begin, your character will be locked in a room. The only way out will be to open different secret compartments and search for clues on how to escape. Moreover, the variety of tasks can be almost endless. The number of apps available on the market today is also quite substantial, so it may take you a while before you pick the best for you.

If you are just starting, it is perhaps good to stick to easier apps. Don't amp up the difficulty level just yet. Instead, keep it simple and make sure that you understand every bit of the mechanism that drives the gameplay forward. In other words, take one step at the time.

100 doors are often considered among the most challenging logic puzzle games. In case you find yourself struggling even after a few days of play, a tutorial or a good walkthrough might come in handy in order to overcome some obstacles. An app that has this feature by default should be your first pic. It could save you a lot of time and fast-forward your progress into proper gaming.

Rely on Free Apps to Save Your Coins

When considering any new app, your finances will probably be among the variables you will be thinking about. Even if the price is very low, you may still want to invest your money elsewhere. Saving for a new phone, a pair of designer shoes or a piece of sporting equipment are all perfectly realistic priorities, and often every cent will count. Luckily for you, not all apps will require you to pay. In fact, probably two-thirds of the overall offered apps will come completely free from any charges. Yes, a few ads will pop up here and there on occasion but, beyond that, you will be able to fully enjoy your freeware option.

If, on the other hand, you don't mind spending a few bucks, the premium 100 doors app is still well worth considering. The purchase fee definitely won't pose a substantial challenge to your credit card. The prices are, after all, mostly under the $5 mark. Ultimately, it will depend on what you prioritize. If you can spare a few bucks, you will gain a better experience with a top app. The improvements will range from better graphics to the number of levels available for play.

Consider Different Themes & Embark on an Adventure

At its core, 100 doors rest on a fairly simple premise, and the average user should not expect it to offer much diversity. Still, the same average user will be mightily surprised if they try this style of play even once. Levels can be so staggeringly different from each other, both in form and substance. In addition to some very unique puzzles, they can also carry some rather interesting themes.

A lot of the games will be set in a high school, with all the weird little situations that may arise in such an environment. Still, that is not where the story ends. Some developers will move the storyline into a haunted house, pushing the premise into the world of horror. Others will place the mayhem in a prison, while a few will explore the world of corporate business. Nods to popular culture will also be quite common, with cartoons and movies serving as an almost endless source of inspiration.

Another great way to inject some diversity into your play is to pick an app with a theme centered around nature or science. Geographic regions, natural phenomena, and wild animals feature prominently in many apps. The same can be said of images from distant galaxies and pictures of beautiful celestial bodies. In fact, you are likely to be spoiled for choice.

Make Sure the App Will Work on All Your Devices

Now we can move onto purely technical matters. In today's day and age, few people will have only one digital device at their disposal. Most will at least have a PC and a smartphone, in addition to a few optional gadgets. For instance, some pretty neat watches are becoming increasingly popular and no businessperson will be caught without a sturdy tablet in their bag. If you love to have your 100 door games with you at all times, you will see to it that the app you choose will be able to operate on each of these contraptions.

While making the selection, you are likely to encounter a couple of obstacles. The first will be the different operating systems. Some of the gadgets will be run by iOS, others by Android. This is why a universal app that functions on both should be your software of choice. Such an approach will also often allow you to sync your results across all platforms and store your scores on a cloud service.

Before you commit to a download, only to discover lag and glitches, you might also want to check the age and speed of your device. Older phones, in particular, can have trouble opening some of the more recent releases. Make sure that you focus on those apps which can be run comfortably on whichever gadget you've got.

Explore the Multiplayer Option for Extra Fun

Puzzle games are commonly known as a single-player-only experience. They acquired this reputation back in the day when people weren't so widely connected. Today, the situation is markedly different, with every computer and phone offering ample room for some pretty impressive bandwidth. Finding a 100 doors app with a multiplayer option is often just as easy. Such a platform will let you include all your friends. Some will come willingly, others may need to be dragged in kicking and screaming. Still, in the end, most if not all of them will be thankful to you for including them in the fun and showing them a type of play they weren't familiar with before.

Online games will also enable you to connect with total strangers from places as far-flung as Canada, Australia, Russia, and Congo. If you pick an app with a chat option built-in, you can interact with them and even make some great friends along the way. You can also participate in a global event similar to a chess tournament. Log in, give it a chance, play against the toughest opponents, and ultimately show them who's the boss.

With that in mind, we wrap up our Ways to Pick the Most Amazing 100 Doors Game Apps. You are now ready to visit the Best 10 100 Doors Games and choose your next favorite with confidence and ease.