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Ways to Pick the Best Celebrity Trivia Game App

Join a Multiplayer Session & Test Your Knowledge

In our day and age, famous people are practically an integral part of our existence. The 20th-century gave birth to movie stars and globally popular bands. In the 21st, we have continued this tradition and obsess over actors, musicians, and even reality stars. As much as we shy away from admitting it, we love them and we love knowing all about them. Celebrity trivia games are an excellent way to test your knowledge and really impress your friends.

Picking the best app for the job, however, isn't always easy. For starters, there is always the decision whether you prefer to play on your own, against computer AI, or you love to share the joy with your friends. If, in the beginning, you want to test your skills online, you can always pick a single-player app and try to guess the correct answers.

Although, if you love to share the fun, a multiplayer platform should be your best bet. It will allow you to connect with your buddies through the Internet, and see who knows the largest number of facts about the current cream of the crop of Hollywood.

Choose a Free Game to Save Your Pennies

Celebrity trivia apps, much like any other quiz game, come in different shapes and sizes. Some can focus on a rather narrow field, while others will incorporate an almost endless number of categories into their mechanism. This will also affect the price. Simpler apps will often be free, while more complex ones will come with a price tag. If your budget is your main priority, you can always opt for the freeware option and have fun without spending a single dime.

If, on the other hand, you would love to have a premium experience worthy of a true superstar, a paid option might be a much better choice. It will normally allow for a larger range of questions, cover more diverse topics, as well as have better graphics. Such an app will also be free from ads, which is something that most developers will mention in the description as an important selling point.

Focus on Movies & Actors If That's Your Area of Expertise

Ultimately, it is the topic of the game that will be the most important factor in determining which app you will choose. When we mention the word celebrity, each person will have something different in mind. Some will think of reality stars, others of musicians. Most, however, will immediately summon up the image of the quintessential movie star. If cinema is your passion, picking a celebrity trivia game devoted to it should be a no-brainer.

Still, not everything is quite as straightforward as it may at first appear. Actors do, after all, star in more than one format. Some will specialize in movies, while others will more often work on television. So, it's time to think, are you more of a fan of the big screen? Or do you just love your sitcoms? This might also be something to consider when selecting an app to download.

Needless to say, each country will have its own unique set of celebrities. America's glittering Hollywood is markedly different from India's exciting Bollywood. Which one are you more familiar with? After all, the more you know about the scene, the more likely you are to win. This is why you should definitely consider your geographic and cultural focus when looking to answer questions about your favorite movie actor.

Answer Questions About the Most Famous Musicians

Music is another topic that features prominently in celebrity trivia games. Everyone knows about Beyonce or Lady Gaga, but how familiar are you with their work? Test your knowledge on the finer points of their careers or even juicy gossip by picking software devoted to the world's biggest pop stars.

Perhaps bands are more of your thing. Luckily, there are more than a couple of apps that focus on rock and metal music. The questions can vary in content and difficulty. Who is the lead singer of Led Zeppelin? How many members have left the Foo Fighters? What is the name of Metallica's third single? These and many other questions could pop up.

Naturally, music exists well beyond the limits of the average pop star or rock band. Hip hop, for one, has a massive fandom, and answering questions about its hottest names could provide you and your friends with hours of fun. Your preferred style of music will definitely be an important piece of the puzzle when selecting the best app.

Explore Teams & Athletes in Case You're a Sports Fanatic

Naturally, we cannot discuss celebrity trivia games without dipping into the world of sports. Athletes are some of the most famous (and the most well-paid) names in the public eye. Superstars in their arena, have legions of devoted fans who follow them almost religiously and make an effort to know everything about them. This is where your encyclopedic knowledge of the Premier League or the NFL could come in handy. If you know the name of every player - go for a sports app.

Still, it isn't always quite as simple as that. There is one more thing to consider. If you love football but have zero clues about basketball, make sure that you pick a platform that was made with your favorite discipline in mind. Certainly, there is no point in wasting time plowing through questions you will never know the answer to. Simply focus on what you and your buddies love best. It will turn an online trivia session into a proper pub night and really get your adrenaline pumping.

Once you have considered all the Ways to Pick the Best Celebrity Trivia Game App, you are ready to visit the Best 10 Celebrity Trivia Games and make the best possible selection.