Ways to Find the Perfect App for Learning Portuguese

Look for an Easy App Suitable for Beginners

Spoken by more than a quarter of a billion people, Portuguese is spread across the globe - from Portugal to Brazil and more than a few parts of the African continent. This beautiful language is well worth learning because it opens up a whole new world of cultural and economic possibilities. Smartphone apps are a great way to do this and can, in fact, replace most of the best books.

Assuming that you are a total beginner, it is quite possible you will have a bit of trouble selecting the right software. There is no shame in admitting this as the offer can indeed look overwhelming. For a start, try something easy. Even apps made for kids can be of great use here as they present their material in a way that is intuitive. Dealing with the basics such as the alphabet and pronunciation, they are never burdened with excessive information. You'd be surprised how many people have set a strong foundation for themselves by watching cartoons aimed at 3-year-olds.

As you progress on your journey, you will be able to expand your horizons and adapt to new circumstances. Apps suitable for this part of the adventure will be more complex and cover a number of different topics.

Master Vocabulary & Build a Solid Foundation

The origin of Portuguese lies in the Iberian Penninsula, but its vocabulary is actually rooted in ancient Latin. This makes it comparatively easy to comprehend for anyone coming from a background in European Romance languages (such as Spanish) or even a native speaker of English. You'd be surprised at how much you'd be able to pick up right off the bat - once you penetrate through the thick accent, that is.

While looking for the right type of software, you will have to focus on building your vocabulary. The truth is that you won't achieve much without always expanding your internal database of words and idioms. A good app will help you memorize the crucial ones and build upon that with ease. Over time, you will move onto more complex phrases, master the meanings of more abstract ideas, and go well beyond that. This sort of undertaking requires a good deal of time and may even be called a life-long process. Still, it is well worth the effort.

For the sake of practice, you will often be required to translate short paragraphs of text. You may also want to look up new words you pick up while watching the news from Portugal or listening to a beautiful bossa nova song. All this will prove a lot easier if you always keep a dictionary app close by.

Play Games to Strengthen Your Grammar

The main reason apps are often better than books or even audio courses is their interactive approach to presenting the material. There are few things better suited for internalizing information than software which gives you the tools to learn at your own pace, answer questions, play little games, and engage with the curriculum in a perfectly natural way. They are particularly good for grammar so an app that puts a strong emphasis on this segment will always be a good thing to have in your digital arsenal.

Today, there are more than a few programs which have garnered rave reviews for their functionality and ease of use. Babbel and Duolingo, in particular, have often taken top awards, but this does not mean that you should automatically reach for those two. Dig in a bit deeper and you may discover a hidden jewel or two which will be much better suited to your style of learning Portuguese. Even if you end up downloading something that is not according to your liking, you can always get rid of it later and start afresh.

Use Audio & Video Material to Boost Your Comprehension

Beyond interactive games and ebooks, there is still something to be said about getting used to a language through auditory stimulus. Audio material is crucial in the process and an app with a large database of high-quality recordings will be an important tool for mastering the somewhat tricky yet unique sound of Portuguese. Practicing often will definitely speed up your progress, as will devoting your time to a podcast or two.

Video lessons are another great way of getting a grip on more subtle nuances of the idiom, especially since they can better represent certain situations and connect expressions to tangible objects. Still, these apps will have the downside of both costing a bit and taking up too much of your phone's memory. A good way to bypass this issue is to look for a platform that offers streaming services and stores all the material on a cloud - instead of on your device. That way, you will be able to access all your lessons as well as personal notes - even when you're on vacation or a business trip.

Try Language Exchange & Practice With Native Speakers

The ultimate test for every language learner will be interacting with a native speaker. If they can make heads or tails of what you're saying, you will know you're on the right track. Never be discouraged by the small mistakes you may be making. Just keep going - with unshakable confidence that you will succeed.

Still, what are you to do if you live quite far from any Portuguese-speaking community and simply have no friends you can practice with? Online language exchange platforms are an ingenious way to connect with native speakers and really test your skills. Apps offering this service are still few and far in between but can be found if you look hard enough. As a speaker of American English, Canadian French, or indeed any other language, you should be able to get in touch with those fluent in Brazilian or European Portuguese - and help each other out.

Last but not least, you may also want to consider the fact that some of these apps will offer vastly different ways to interact. Some will be a mere chat platform, others permit longer messages, while some will even be able to host video calls. From mastering pronunciation to translating elaborate texts, you will find any sort of help you need.

Once you've considered all the Ways to Find the Perfect App for Learning Portuguese, it's time to visit the Best 10 Apps for Learning Portuguese and start getting a grip on this beautiful language.