Ways to Find the Perfect App for Learning Piano

Consider Your Level of Skill & Choose Accordingly

The piano produces one of the most sounds known to the human ear. The greatest composers - from Mozart to Chopin and Schostakovich - all wrote for it. Despite its beauty, it can be notoriously difficult to master. The fact that you might be struggling a bit is not in the least bit surprising. Still, you should know that your goals of learning piano are perfectly attainable. Getting a good grasp of the basics (and well beyond) is possible, even without a teacher. In fact, you can achieve quite a lot all by yourself - with the help of apps.

Picking the right one for your needs is, of course, essential. The wealth of software available on the Internet may seem a bit confusing at first, but it shouldn't intimidate you. If you are a total beginner, you should always gravitate towards app made for those just dipping their toes in the world of music-making. They should teach you how to hold your hands while playing, as well as the most important postulates of music theory.

If, on the other hand, you already have some experience under your belt, the choice will perhaps be a bit wider. Checking out the reviews will be essential in this case. Find out what your fellow pianists have to say, and your decision will become a lot easier.

Rely on Audio & Video Content for Better Learning

Simple sheet music and a bit of text are nowhere near enough to teach you this grand instrument. In fact, this is exactly why most teachers say books are practically useless in the process, and only a particularly industrious pupil can manage to make sense of them. An app that works on this premise will be worthless to most. Luckily, today, a more immersive experience is available for anyone looking to learn to play the piano.

Audio samples - either available in MIDI or pre-recorded format - will be an important part of your learning experience. They should give you a clear idea of how a piece of music ought to be played. This will be particularly useful if you are still struggling with sheet music, and cannot maneuver complicated key changes through sight-reading alone.

As smartphones become more powerful and are able to store more data, we are reaching a point at which a good music player is considered a must. So much more is expected from instructional software. Instead of a few audio files scattered here and there, an app can have a rich library and even a video tutorial or two, explaining the finer points of technique. If you feel like the latter could improve your performance, make sure that the next app you download has this option.

Use Audio Recording to Catch Your Mistakes

As you learn the piano and progress on your musical journey, you will soon realize that you won't always be the one listening to others. Sometimes you will have to play in front of an audience, and face the potential criticism that such a move can bring. As you sit at the piano, practicing, you could actually be partially unaware of the little mistakes you are making. Only by recording your playing can you catch then. An app with this audio feature will then be of great service to you.

Over time, your talent may blossom into something truly wonderful. Practically everyone who has ever tried to play the piano has dreamt of this. In our day and age, auditioning is comparatively easy - even if you live quite far from a big city. Video samples are a must so, if you really want to get your name out there, an app that allows you to simply and easily film your performance could be your best bet.

Bear in Mind Your Budget & Try to Save

The stereotype of the poor, struggling musician may sometimes be just that - a stereotype - but that doesn't mean that you should be reckless with your money. Looking to save is a perfectly reasonable approach, especially if you're in college or between jobs. Paying for every single app you download is not necessary. In fact, you can manage to do quite a bit without spending a single dollar. Free apps for learning the piano are plentiful, and it shouldn't take you too much time to find one that suits your taste and needs.

There is, however, something to be said about the paid option. If you can afford it, investing a few bucks in your learning process could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Some more advanced apps could even help you get in touch with excellent teachers online - offering you lessons for a fraction of the price you'd pay when attending a face-to-face session. For an upfront fee or monthly subscription, you could get tutoring via your Android or iOS device and make great progress.

Use Online Platforms to Connect With Other Students

Of course, learning on your own is perfectly possible, but sometimes the feedback can open your eyes to something you've been ignoring for far too long. Don't shut yourself off to constructive criticism. As we have already mentioned, paying for online lessons is one way to solve this problem, but you can also approach it in a different manner. Finding an app that lets you join a forum and discuss the finer points of piano playing with a community of your peers could be an excellent way to take your performance practice to the next level.

With steady progress, you will gradually become hungrier for new kinds of music and wish to explore different styles, eras, and moods. Sometimes, a piece you've heard on YouTube will be particularly difficult to find. Fortunately, more than a few apps are connected to some of the largest online libraries. Your quest needn't be a long one. By downloading such software, you could find obscure sheet music for some wonderful sonatas, songs, and serenades - in a matter of minutes.

After taking note of the Ways to Find the Perfect App for Learning Piano, you can visit the Best 10 Apps for Learning Piano, take your pick, and work on becoming a true master of this instrument.