War Strategy Games

Learn How to Play Easier Games to Improve Skills

Most war strategy games have a complex storyline that starts you at the beginning of a battle or situation. From there, you may have to train your army, build your village or fort, then prepare for battle. When playing a war strategy game as a beginner, you want to find simple strategy games to build your skills. The best games to start playing will let you take one step at a time by giving you advice on your next move and the consequences. For example, if you are playing a game that begins with you building an empire, the game can help you decide what needs to be built first or how to recruit troops for battle. 

Additionally, some strategy games have tutorials or hints so when you make your move to battle, it can give you advice on what to do. Therefore, you want to find a game that either has a simple strategy theme or a game that has a tutorial feature so you can learn the steps necessary to build your army or empire and prepare for the big battle. Also, there are different types of war strategy games such as real-time and turn-based. Real-time games tend to be more complex and immersive, so when starting it might be easier to pick a turn-based game that is more focused on strategy skills. 

Get Tips, Learn Strategy with Online Resources & Games

If you are excited to jump right in and start playing a complex war strategy game, go for it. There are online forums and chat groups that can help you with battle game tips while you play. If you are playing a war game that includes military planning, you can go online and get advice from a seasoned strategy gamer on what to do next. For example, if you are playing against another person and they unexpectedly come in for a surprise attack, you can find tips online to avert their troops and get yours back to safety. In a war game, you never know what your opponent is going to do, so the more you play and the more tips you find, the better you can be prepared to make a split-second decision that will improve your chances of victory. 

Improve Your Battle Skills with Online Games

Now that you have found resources to get tips and advice on strategical moves, it's time to play some online games to improve your skills. If you like military games, you'll want to practice several tactics to allude your opponent. For example, if you are bringing your troops to the first scene of battle, you will want to know the best formation for your troops so that your first wave of attack is fierce, but also keeping resources available for the second wave. 

When you go into battle, you don't want to waste all your men and resources on the first attack, therefore, you have to come up with a tactical plan to beat down your opponent in every battle sequence.  For instance, you want to beat their first line of defense on the ground, then bring in your big guns to finish off the attack. Thus, if you play a few different strategy games, you'll learn different tactics that you can apply to every game. Ultimately, the more you learn about war strategy, the more likely you are to defeat your opponent. 

Play War Strategy Games Online for Free

Playing a great war strategy game doesn't have to cost loads of money. You can find free war games to play that are just as fun as their paid counterparts. Moreover, there are many kinds of strategy games to play for free so don't worry that there are a limited kind of games to play for free. If you want to play a strategy game of tanks and warships, or you want to build your dragon army, you can choose from a variety of games to play for free. 

Additionally, if there is a specific game you want to play but it's not free, you can check to see if they have a free version or a limited free trial option. That way you can play the game to see if it's worth paying for the full version or the monthly subscription depending on the game's payment options. 

Find the Best & Most Fun War Games

A great thing about war strategy games is that none of them are the same. If you find more fantasy type themes fun, you can find a mobile game that allows you to build your army of toys to conquer the opposition. Similarly, you can look up popular apps that feature different worlds and armies to build. For example, one game can have you gathering troops after a zombie apocalypse to try and defeat the hordes of the undead, or you can play a game that has you building your Roman-style empire to defeat the invading Spartan army. If you like the idea of playing a game inspired by true events, you can find games that are designed from historical events like the "Battle of Midway" or the "Battle of Waterloo." You can find lists and reviews of games online and pick the ones that seem most fun to you. 

In conclusion, whether you are starting out and want a simple strategy game to build your skills or you're ready to plunge into a particular battle world, you can find it all online or in apps. Find the theme war game you like and practice your decision-making skills and critical thinking.