Video Chat: Learn New Ways to Connect with Loved Ones & Business Counterparts

Video Chat Today

Calls and chats have taken communication farther than we expected. Nothing beats the excitement of speaking and bonding with a loved one far away. Business communications have also improved. Yet calls weren't enough and chats had its limitations. There was a vacuum because people are very visual beings.

Then video chat services came along. We discovered we couldn't only talk and hear, we could also see the receivers of our conversations. Video chats changed how we experienced online communication with many chat services offering video call and streaming opportunities. It took the potentials of online discourse to another level.

Although the culture of video chat has its rules and level of engagement, video calling can open another door of intimacy between speakers. Hence, you'd want to call only those you're very close to or someone who has given you consent.

Families and friends could bond and renew affection with video calls, whether the distance is a barrier or not.

Due to the constraints of distance, many hiring managers use video calls for early phases of their interview sessions. In the business world, video chat has grown as a significant channel. It's reputed for connecting different professionals and business persons in the spirit of career and business conversations.

Calls for meetings have witnessed a fantastic reduction. Most times, the sessions can be a video call between teams. In cases where meetings aren't feasible, video calls can establish an easy connection between them.

Video chats, unlike instant messaging chats, require a level of confirmation before connection with a target caller. You'd need to have your target caller's details like their user ID before initiating a call. They, on their end, would need to accept or decline your request for connection or disconnection.

Also, many mobile devices with apps support video calls seamlessly. 

How to Video Chat on Android

Do you use an Android device? Then nothing can stop you from enjoying a video chat. All you need is a front/selfie camera, a working Internet connection, and an app that supports video calls.

Android users can access multiple video apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Google Duo, and Zoom. The cool thing about these apps is that they don't just support video chats only. They initially featured instant messaging and social sharing tools. The video call is a recent add-on, and many social media users are utilizing it.

Popular video chat services like Skype are now releasing Android and iOS versions of their video services. These developments would make video calls accessible to mobile phone users no matter where they go.

You may be a fan of video chatting on your computer. But what happens when you forget your computer or couldn't make it home on time to join a video chat? Grab your phone, install the Android version of your video chat app, and connect. 

How to Video Chat on iOS

Apple users have video calls buzzing on their Apple devices too. FaceTime is a video chat app exclusive to iOS users. The service runs on the Apple phones, iPads, Mac and TV. It's already preinstalled on your device so you won’t have to go through the hassles of trying to download the app.

Just open the app, and call your choice contact.

When you have an incoming FaceTime call, your phone will alert you. To connect, accept the request, and your front camera is activated. Having a dedicated video chat app doesn't stop iOS users.

They can also enjoy the iOS versions of WhatsApp and other video chat services on their devices.

Tips to Maximize Satisfaction During Video Chat Sessions

Video chatting is open to both computer and mobile phone users. With the right tips and device, you can enjoy the experience too.

First, you need a smart device. It could be your Mac, PC, or any of your mobile devices. New ones come with built-in front cameras that act as a webcam. But if you have an old device, you can always buy a detachable webcam accessory at your neighborhood tech store.

The next thing would be the Internet service. You can subscribe to a network provider with a modem or get an Internet plan for your mobile phone. Video chat requires more Internet speed to deliver a better experience. So, you should buy an ideal Internet plan.

Some video chat services like Skype and Zoom sell call plans to users for longer talks. You can choose a call plan if you'd be talking longer. You could also enjoy calls, although with limitations, on their free mode. The likes of WhatsApp offer unlimited free video chats.

Once you're ready, stay in a well-lit room or use natural lighting from a nearby window. Check the screen to be sure your face is lit enough for your receiver. Overly bright light can make your face difficult to recognize.

Where to Get the Best & Latest Apps for Video Chats

Many app stores promise the best apps for download. However, it's advisable that you only install from verified sources. The best app stores offer rich knowledge on the app. And they always make sure to update the latest versions of the apps. It's a good idea to read about the best apps for video chat before you download it.  

Communication has taken several leaps. Join the wave. Upgrade yours to the latest video chat experience. Start today by choosing from our list of Best Videocall and Chat Apps.