Use Apps to Help Find the Right Used Car

Before Buying, Do Your Research

Before you start going to dealerships and taking test drives, a great way to narrow down your search is by doing your own research. By doing your own research, you can find out loads of facts about which cars are in your budget, accommodate your specific needs, and which vehicles are best put together so you don't end up wasting a lot of money on a lemon. 

For example, simply downloading an app like Autotrader can give you a wealth of information about what cars are available for purchase within your area, reviews on different make and models, and even the ability to compare and keep a list of the cars you would like to further investigate. 

Ultimately, when buying a used car, you want to make sure you get as much history on the car as possible before purchasing. Apps like Free VIN for Used Cars help you look up a car by their VIN number, so you can make sure the vehicle has never been to a shop for flood damage or has previously been in an accident that required massive repairs. 

Always Know the Value With Apps

Most vehicles of similar make, year, and model are generally around the same price, but the history and condition can change the value of the particular vehicle. For instance, let's say you have settled on a Toyota make for reliability and a model about 10 years old for budget reasons. On used car buying apps, you have found a couple of vehicles that fall under those needs. But, you might be surprised that the asking price varies between the compared vehicles. 

This is when it's good to download an app like the Kelley Blue Book (KBB). With this app, you can fill out a form that goes into detail about the car's history, cosmetic features, custom features, and other details specific to that particular vehicle. This app will then take all the information and produce a value for the car. That way, you know how much the car is actually worth. This app can come in handy if you're trying to sell your car in order to purchase a newer car, or if you're looking into buying one. Either way, knowing the true value of the car can help you make a better decision when heading to a local owned dealership or potentially buying from a personal owner. 

Compare Cars to Make the Best Decision

Another great feature of apps that allow you to research all the used cars available in your area is the comparison tool. Instead of going from dealership to dealership, you can access all the cars on each dealership lot, and save the ones you're interested in on the app. That way, for example, if you save cars over the course of a week, you can go to your list and compare all the features and pricing of each car with the next. 

This can help you narrow down your list without ever having to visit a dealership. Obviously, this will not only save you loads of time but it can also help you save money and the frustration of dealing with a pushy salesman. 

Ultimately, if you do your diligent research, narrow down your options by using the comparison tool on apps like CarMax, you will know what the car is worth. That way, if the price tag at the dealership is too high, you know you have negotiating power. Alternatively, if the price tag is about right, you also know that there isn't much negotiating needed, but you might be able to get some extra features thrown in to solidify the purchase. 

Buying From Owner With Apps

Often times, buying a used car from the owner can prove to be a less expensive purchase than from a dealership. But, with a dealership, a used car normally comes with some kind of warranty and detailed information on the vehicle's history. So, although it may be less expensive buying from an owner, you will most likely be purchasing the vehicle with no warranty.  

That is why you need apps to help you make a good decision. You can see on apps like OfferUp - Buy, Sell, OfferUp reviews, and ratings of the people selling items or vehicles. That way, you can see how other buyers have felt about their experience with the seller, and if the item purchased was satisfactory to the buyer. 

Trusting an individual on a large purchase like a vehicle can seem daunting. But, with apps, you can see how previous buyers felt about their experiences as well as other used car apps that can arm you with detailed information on the vehicle.  

Buying From Dealership or Major Dealers

Indeed, buying from a dealership has its advantages - warranties, trade-ins, and other negotiating tools. But, you do have to keep in mind that many dealerships pay their salesperson on a commission basis. This means that although the salesperson wants you to be satisfied with your purchase, the more they can get you to buy, the more money goes into their pocket. 

So, it's important for you to take advantage of these used car apps so that you are armed with information about the vehicles you're there to look at. The more knowledge you bring to the negotiating table, the better a deal you and the salesperson can agree on. 

Now that you know some ways to get help and information about buying a used car with apps, check out our top 10 list of used car apps, and start shopping for your next car. 

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