March Madness is over, but NBA finals are coming

These apps and games are sure to keep the basketball fever going all year long! 

1. Why Everybody Loves Basketball and March Madness

March Madness is the place where young talents present their basketball chops to the world. So it’s no surprise millions of basketball lovers are glued to the screen in hopes of finding the next Kobe Bryant. And just because loyal fans have to wait another year for the fiery hoops of March Madness to rekindle, there's plenty to do while waiting for the NBA Finals.

2. Basketball Games to Satisfy Your Hoop Fix

A game doesn’t pass without that frustrating moment where we are a second away from throwing the TV out the window as the coach takes the wrong player out. So why not create a team of your own? These great basketball games are a hell of a lot of fun and you end up with a completely functioning TV set for the next season. 

Take to the court in these stunningly immersive basketball game challenges. Check out 2 player basketball, college basketball or find a basketball shooting game

Basketball Games

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But let’s be honest, sometimes all we want to do is to relax. And what better way to relax than to stack extremely satisfying shots one after another? It may not be like watching College Basketball, NCAA or the NBA Finals, but it sure feels good to perform smooth shots & get the highest score possible. 

And while putting the swiping skills to the test, why not check sports trivia knowledge as well? Your memory bank must be full of legendary basketball names, so finding out how many of them you actually know is a great way to pass the time and no better way than with a great Basketball Trivia game. 

3. Games to Bring Your Family Into the Hoops 

Basketball should bring joy to everybody – kids included. With kids of your own, a great way to start is with catching up on the greats. Enjoy quality time with your kids as you go through and check out this great Basketball Stars game.

Next March Madness might be far ahead, but NBA Finals are around the corner. While the kids are having a great time, you can quickly make sure you’re 100% prepared. Never miss a single game, highlight or piece of sports news when Basketball comes knocking. You know what they say - better safe than sorry.

And while you’re at it, if watching the big game with friends is your thing, you need refreshments. Throats easily get sore while cheering so having a reserve of beverages is the best next step. Alongside the much-needed beer, having one or two secret drinks up your sleeve is sure to make both the game and the after-game so much better. 

It's pretty clear Basketball Fever is here to stay!

Make the most of your passion for the hoops with apps and games that will keep you busy and in touch with your favorites all year long.