Understanding the Rave Behind Group Video Chats

The Shift to Video Conferencing

The first use of videophony communication dates back to the early parts of the 19th century. The technology didn't take off and become commercially used on a mobile device until 1999. Kyocera VP-210 Visual Phone was the first mobile device to pitch the video calling option to the public.

Since then, there has been a substantial increase in the number of video conferencing users. Much of these increase is due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Individuals around the world want to keep in touch with loved ones and monitor their businesses as they practice social distancing.

Social media apps' popularity is also a contributing factor to the public rave for group video chat apps. Accessing the Internet through a smartphone offers more convenience when compared to using a computer. This advantage increases further when it comes to accessing social media accounts.

Social networking aims to help us communicate with others, which means sharing messages, pictures, and videos. Smartphone apps offer users convenience and the flexibility to perform this action. You can share your photos and videos of your day in an instant, anywhere. Group video chat apps help users to share their day or location with their friends in real-time.

Why Businesses Employ Group Video Chats

Group video conferencing is fast becoming the go-to option for many businesses due to its benefits. Rather than have employees fly over to a country to pitch a deal with the board members, a company can significantly save costs by using group video conferencing apps. All participants get in on the pitch from the comfort of their offices anywhere in the world.

In a building firm where construction takes place in multiple locations simultaneously, workers can check-in and share ideas through group video chats. News industries employ this technology to report stories as they happen in real-time. Small businesses are also in on the rave for group video chats. Entrepreneurs use them to inform potential and existing customers about their products and services. Some firms also employ this technology during the recruitment of new employees.

Using a top group video chat app means you get a high-quality display and voice connection. You wouldn't have to worry about blurred visions or poor audio as the application takes full advantage of your hardware.

Redefining Education as We Know It

The concept of the traditional classroom has a limited place in our current society. Thanks to technology, numerous tools help extend leaning from the four walls of a building. Students can join in on an online classroom from the comfort of their home by using group video chats. Being sick doesn't mean you have to miss your lectures — with technology facilities bringing quality education to you. Your smartphone will have you not just listen in on the lesson but also witness it unfold in real-time. 

Notably, study groups are pivotal to learning. Studies show that students learn at a higher rate when the information comes from their peers. Previously, you had to worry about a venue and spend valuable time getting there. Using a group video chat negates these restrictions. Students can have their study sessions from the convenience of their homes, and also save travel time while doing it.

Experience Those Key Moments Wherever You Are

One of the many benefits of video chats to individuals is getting you to your loved ones wherever you are. You get to see them in real-time and get in on events happening around them.

How often do you miss a milestone in a loved one's life because you were in a different state or country? Or your family members can't make it to your graduation ceremony because you study abroad. Thanks to group video chats, such scenarios can be nothing but a distant memory. With the help of a single device, you get to share special moments with everyone that matters in your life.

The Best Group Video Chats for Smartphones

Group video chat apps are excellent communication tools. Humans are naturally social beings, which is why we get attached to applications that help us keep in touch with friends and make new ones.

Most video chatting apps also double up as a messaging app. You can also spice up your video call, thanks to AR software. You can add funny stickers or masks to make your chats eventful using the SMOOTHY - Group Video Chats and other free video calls and chat apps.

When making a list of the best video conferencing apps, Zoom often appears high on many lists, but you would need to subscribe to the service. There are scores of free group video chat apps available for smartphones. Google Duo takes advantage of your smartphone to deliver high-quality video conferencing even in low light conditions.

The popularity of social media, a wide variety of applications, and the need to stay in touch while social distancing makes group video chat apps a must-have for many. Are you looking for a flexible way to see and communicate with the world at your convenience? Here's our list of the best group chat apps for smartphone users