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🍴 Understand Teen Food Habits with The Best Food Delivery Apps

🍴 Understand Teen Food Habits with The Best Food Delivery Apps

By Mar 8, 2019

We all need to eat, but the way teens approach food is somewhat different. The Best 10 Food Delivery Apps are no longer a simple commodity for a quick pizza or burger, but much more thanks to teens.

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You might wonder what can be different between generations when it comes to food and diet? 

Besides the fact that some people prefer meat and some love veggies, we all need to eat.

But if you take a deeper dive, you'll quickly discover there's more to food than it meets the eye - or mouth in this case.

To untangle this bowl of spaghetti, we gathered three ways teens are different than the older generations.

1. Food as a Self-Expression Tool

Although older generations also like to brag when they go out for that expensive dinner, teens use any opportunity possible.

For Generation Z, food isn't just something you need to stay alive physically, but socially as well.

More than previous generations, including Millennials, Generation Z uses food as a way to express who they are via social media.

2. Food Delivery Isn't Just Pizza

Back in the '90s, pizza night was that special night when a family would order and have a blast - end of the story.

For Gen Z, food delivery is an everyday experience and it's no longer just pizza. They still love pizza, but they give much more importance to healthier food. 

Thus, food delivery services like GrubHub need to green up their offer to stay competitive.

3. Snack & Full Meal Are The Same

With the short attention span and quick digital life, the line between a typical lunch and quick snack is blurring.

Similar to food delivery, snack is no longer just junk food and with that change, snacking is replacing a full lunch or dinner.

Even more so, around 31% of Gen Z have no problem with paying for a premium snack in comparison to 29% of Millennials.

Yes, food is still food, but the way we approach it is changing. From a pure necessity, food is slowly becoming a valuable tool to express who we are.

What this means for the future is hard to say, but one thing is sure.

Thanks to teens, you probably have more choices when using one of The Best 10 Food Delivery Apps than before. How's that for a positive change?

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