Train Simulator

History of Trains

The history of trains is an illustrious tale through the tracks of time. Before there were even trains, societies were using wooden rails for a variety of reasons. The Hohensalzburg Fortress in Austria is widely considered one of the earliest forms of the railway system. This 16th-century concept was powered by animals and humans using what was called a treadwheel. Think about a hamster wheel hooked up to gears and a pulley system. Instead of hamsters, however, animals and humans would walk along the treadwheel or push the wheel to pull items along the tracks for transporting goods and construction supplies easily, free from any risk of them tipping over or getting caught in debris. It wasn't until the 18th century that iron railways were introduced due to the new ability to mass-produce the materials. The Coalbrookdale Company was one of the first railway companies to utilize iron on top of the existing wooden rails in order to increase the longevity and durability of the railways. Pretty soon, these iron rails could be seen all over the railway routes. 

Train Popularity Through the Years

As trains became more affordable to run, they soon became one of the primary trading and transportation systems throughout Europe and America. The next large development in the railway system was the invention of steam power. A Scotsman, James Watt, was the inventor of the steam-powered engine. He simply improved on the design of Thomas Newcomen's water pump that would expel the water out of mining sites. Typically this Watt engine was stationary, designed to power cotton mills. However, when applied to the technology of a train, this engine led to the steam-powered locomotive that is still a well-known staple in society. All over the world, people were riding these steam-powered locomotives to new cities. The popularity of trains quickly grew exponentially as people were writing songs about trains and featuring them in musicals. When the Wild West culture came about, trains were at the center of the movement as cowboys reached the height of their fame by robbing trains. 

Train Conducting

While the popularity of trains grew quickly, the occupation of train conducting was revolutionized from typical manual labor to the technical work of skilled hands. The steam-powered engines required someone to shovel coal into the furnace on a regular basis and pull a few levers and wires. There was a lot to it, but not nearly as much technical knowledge required as the electric-powered rails. Today, a train conductor is responsible for a number of tasks, including understanding and abiding by all of the safety practices stated by the railways. They also oversee the train's schedule and are responsible for reporting any news or development during the journey. As the leader of a commercial transportation device, the train conductor must ensure that all of the cargo makes it's way on to the train and off of the train in the proper manner and timing. There are a ton of responsibilities, which is why train conducting requires a variety of tests. Even the best and most experienced train conductors have to go through rigorous training on new materials almost every year. 

Train Conducting Games

Now, if you want to try your hand at train conducting without having to take a bunch of tests and without having millions of dollars and hundreds of lives under your care, you can play a train conducting game instead. These games are incredibly entertaining, featuring first-person and third-person varieties along with multiple types of gaming experiences. From Playstation to Xbox to PC and Internet games, most systems have a train conducting game that can give you what you're looking for. These games involve various tasks, challenges, and storylines that will keep you entertained. If you want to be in charge of a railroad and build an empire of tracks, you can do it online. If you're looking for a heart-pounding thrill, you can get your train across the country while battling the highwaymen of the Wild West and racing against time to deliver a score. But the fun isn't reserved for your computer or gaming system. 

Train Simulators

Fortunately for those who want to train on the go, train simulator mobile apps are available for all smartphones. These apps come in all shapes and sizes. If you're a parent looking to teach your kids about trains, then mobile apps are an incredibly fun and interactive way for them to simulate conducting one. If you're fascinated by trains and want to enjoy conducting simulators on the go, you can do so from your phone whether you're traveling and have wireless Internet or not. If you're stuck at work and want to make the hours pass a little faster, train simulators will immerse you in a world of fun. If you're a history buff, some of these mobile apps will even take you along the classic routes to real-life train stations that shaped the growth of America. Furthermore, most of the top games are free and allow you to download extra perks to outfit your train for whatever tasks you're looking to accomplish. 

While trains rose to popularity rapidly after their invention in the 18th century, the locomotive culture is still alive and well in train simulator mobile apps.