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Top Tips on Finding the Best Apps for AudioBooks

Top Tips on Finding the Best Apps for AudioBooks

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Audio books have gained popularity over the years. Now, one in five Americans listen to audio books and Scribd's fastest-growing segment is audio books. You can listen to classic novels, biographies read aloud by the author and enjoy all types of fiction and nonfiction books. 

We have compiled some tips to help you find the best apps to enjoy listening to audio books regardless of where you are. Check out the list of top audio book apps below but keep reading on for tips. 

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Table of Contents

  1. What Genre of Audio Book do You Like?
  2. How Much Time Do You Have to Read?
  3. Want to try Audio Books for Free
  4. Educational Audio Books
  5. Want to Be Able to Listen Offline

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What Genre of Audio Book do You Like?

Do you prefer books based on true events or rather be swept into a world of fantasy? There are apps that will feature different types and let you choose from a selection of the best audiobooks nonfiction and fiction. 

Now, to help you find the best audio book, check out an app that features the top 10 books of both fiction and nonfiction so you can pick the one that appeals to you the most. You can go even more specific in finding the best audio book by filtering to subjects like novels, autobiographies, or sci-fi. If you are not sure of what type of book you like, find an app that features a written or spoken summary of the book so you can decide if you're interested in that genre or particular book. 

How Much Time Do You Have to Read?

If you enjoy listening to audio books while commuting, you may not want an epic novel that takes hours of concentration to understand the story. If you want to find a great book that is short for road trip or commute, most apps allow you to filter for books that are under 10 hours to get through. If you want a short audio book that gets you motivated while your getting ready in the morning, you can find apps that feature sections of short and encouraging stories to add some inspiration to your daily routine. 

However, if you are planning a prolonged journey, you might want to enjoy a long novel to help pass the time. In short apps can help you filter to the length of the book you have time to listen to. 

Want to try Audio Books for Free

If you are unsure whether you will like audio books or you don't have a lot of money to spend on them, you can look into free audio books in most apps. There are apps for both Android and iOS that feature only free books to download. Checking through an app that only features free books is much easier than trying to filter through both free and priced books. 

Still, some apps will let you download a portion of a book for free to see if you like it. After you have completed listening to the free portion, you will be asked if you want to buy the rest. This is a great way to experience the audio book before you commit to buying it. 

In addition, there are apps that allow members to get free audio books. If you are a member of a major retailer's group, you might want to look and see if it has a selection of rotating free audio books. This is a great feature of some apps and allows you to get new books monthly to download for free. 

Educational Audio Books

If you want to learn on your own or you want more information about a subject you are studying in class, audio books can offer a lot of educational value. Educational audio books are just as vast as their paper counterparts. You can download educational audio books on just about every topic. Audio books can help you learn on the go without having to pull out textbooks and finding a quiet place to study. 

However, if you want motivational audio books, there are a variety out there that focus on helping you become more successful in different areas of your life. Instead of taking time out of your busy day to read, you can get motivation from audio books and listen as you exercise, commute, or get ready for work. 

In addition to audio books, there are certain podcast that reads books for free. Just as audio books vary in subject, podcasts have themes and some of them feature reading books aloud. Other podcasts focus on authors and new books and audio books coming to the market. You can use podcasts as resources to learn about new audio books or listen to books being read aloud. Podcasts can further your knowledge about different audio books and subjects that might interest you. 

Want to Be Able to Listen Offline

Another important factor in enjoying audio books is the ability to enjoy them anywhere, even if you are without a wi-fi connection. Normally when you download audio books from an app, you are able to listen to it anytime, anywhere. If you stream the book instead of download, you won't be able to listen to it without an Internet connection. Look for apps where you can download books versus stream them. If you are worried about storage space, you can always download then delete audio books as you complete them. If you want to keep all the audio books you get, you can find apps that allow you to buy online and download them to two different devices. Then, you can keep them on your computer but delete them once you are finished on your smartphone. One of the advantages of listening to audio books is that you can be doing two things at once while enjoying a book. Another advantage is that you can listen to an audio book where you want. Listening can be easier in situations like a busy or bumpy public transport or driving your car on a road trip. Being able to listen to them offline can make that cross country drive a lot more fun and less time taxing. 

Audio books can make life a lot easier to enjoy books. Whether you are looking for educational materials, motivational stories, or just for fun, audio books offer a world of information right on your phone. Let these tips help you navigate the world of audio books and find the right apps for you. Don't forget to check out the link to some of the best apps for audio books so you can start enjoying immediately. 


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