Top Drag Racing Apps for Android and iOS in 2020

Pro Series Drag Racing by Battle Creek Games

This proseries realistic and immersive drag racing game allows players to race, tune, and build cars until they’re satisfied with what they have. Pro series racer doesn’t have exotic add-ons; it’s a pure racer with you, your car, and competitors. This feature is what makes it one of the best.


• With four classes of cars, including streetcars, top fuel dragsters, pro mods, and funny cars, you have to drive up different levels of drag racing to become the best in its career mode.

• You have full control over what your car looks like with wraps, custom paints, wheels, body kits, and more. There are numerous combinations to choose from, which lets you drive what you want.

• It features three racing types, including Bracket Racing, Heads Up Racing, and Grudge Racing. Make sure you understand them before attempting to race because they are tough.

• Pro Series gives you complete access to gearing suspenders, timing, fuel delivery, boost, and launch for your cars. You can test changes to your satisfaction. Want a lower suspender? Or short rear gear? You got it.

• The game provides more than 300 modifications to keep up with the competition, including engines, exhaust, tires, valve trains, and more modifiable features.

• Pro series Drag racer is available for free download, but ad-supported. You can disable the ads with any purchase of Gold in the game. 

Doorslammers 2 Drag Racing by Horsepower 1

Doorslammers 2 allows you to test your racing skills with near lifelike cars. With this game, you can do massive burnouts, drag race, and go 200 mph on a 1/8-mile road. It is fast-paced and has more cars and modifications than the previous version.


• Doorslammers 2 has impressive 3D graphics that make the car look realistic. As you tweak or change the car parts, the appearance changes to match, unlike other racing games.

• This game features an addictive head to head online multiplayer racing, which includes qualifying and laddered elimination competitions.

• You can customize anything and everything in your car. There are endless paint groups, tires, gears, lettering, wings, parachutes, wheelie bars, hood scoops, suspensions, brakes, and many more.

• It gives you access to full engine customization. From small block, big block, turbo, nitrous, blower, and exhausts. Furthermore, the game is free but contains ads which you can avoid by purchasing it.

• It also contains different races, including Heads Up and Bracket, which get played on a closed city map or drag strip. Users can select amongst the one-quarter or one-eighth mile track. Other tracks include Outlaw Pro Mod, Ultra Street, Pro Tree, Radial vs. the World, and the Nitrous X.

Drag Racing by Creative Mobile Games

This game was made in 2011 for both Android and iOS platforms and still ranks among the best today. It’s a highly responsive drag racing game with many cars and upgrade features.


• The game combines minimal driving, well-timed gear changes, and the car power to create a drag race experience. It allows gamers to learn how to perfect their start launches and maximize their Nox.

• There are ten race groupings, and each category’s race has varying difficulty levels. The game awards your dedication with a Bugatti Veyron if you can complete all race types.

• This application has been able to capture the basic foundations of a drag race. Although the graphics appear cartoony, the game sort of requires sharp reflexes to control your car. You can hear distinct gear changes like you would experience in real-life standard and turbo cars.

• Besides, participants can play easy races, accumulate respect points, and exchange car parts. 

The Best Cars for Drag Racing

For drag racing enthusiasts who might be interested in the real-life application of the game, here are three fastest drag race cars ever made.

Army Top Fuel Dragster

This monster has a pencil-thin body and massive engines which it uses to break top speed repeatedly. It has a high speed of 336.5 mph, covering the dragstrip in about 3.6 seconds or less.

Robert Hight’s NHRA ‘Funny Car’

Although it has an odd appearance, this funny car belonging to Robert Hight achieved a top speed of 339 miles-per-hour.

Ekanoo Racing Outlaw Supra

Using the same base engine as a stock car, A2JZ-GTE, this Toyota made a speed of 240mph and a quarter-mile in less than six seconds. 

Three Real-Life Skills You Can Learn From Racing Games

In contrast with the popular opinion that gaming tends to nurture immaturity, violence, and even addiction, there are positive aspects of playing racing games that apply to the real world.

Racing Games Can Strengthen Your Mental Faculties

Research has confirmed that playing racing games is a good workout for your brain. It improves your spatial attention, tracking ability, hand-eye coordination, and processing speed.

Teach You About Cars

Over time, game developers have tried to offer realistic gaming graphics and gameplay. The building, buying and adding mods in these games, teaches players about car types, brands, car advantages, and disadvantages, which can be translated into real-life auto scenarios.

Patience and Determination

The repetitive nature of racing games is helpful. These games test how far you’re willing to go to achieve a result or win a race. The skill to tolerate routine and repetition can be helpful with your projects, assignments, and plans. 

Learn to switch gears at the right moment and avoid burnouts with drag racing games. There are many options to choose from this genre with selections of paid and free to play apps. Consider choosing from our Best Drag Racing Games to get started. 

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