Top 5 Tips for Finding the Right Pedometer App for You

Count Each Step with an Accurate Phone Pedometer

The main function of a pedometer app is to be a step counter, so when you're looking for a phone pedometer, you'll want to get something that will be accurate. Phone accelerometers can be very precise, but depending on where on your person you carry your phone, the pedometer may record more or fewer steps than you actually took. 

It's important to look for a phone pedometer that can take into account different kinds of movement so that all your steps are counted without getting too many extra steps from other sources. That way, you can get an accurate count of your steps, therefore, you can adjust and track your progress as needed.

Connect to Your Pedometer Watch to See Your Data

Another great pedometer option is a pedometer watch, and there are many apps available that can connect with these devices. These look and function just like regular watches with the added benefit of more accurate step tracking. With it located on your wrist, a watch step counter can more easily and accurately track all of your steps without missing or adding steps. 

There are also many different options for watch pedometers, such as the Omron Tri-axis pedometer or the Fitbit and Timex smartwatches, so you'll want to choose an app that will be compatible with your specific brand of watch. This way you can get all of the data from your watch organized in one place. There, you can see everything from your step number to the time tracking of your run and even the path you took and your average heart rate. With everything at a glance, you'll know exactly what kind of progress you are making each day.

Meet Your Fitness Goals with a Health Tracking Pedometer

When working on your fitness goals, it can be tricky to assess your progress. Are you taking enough steps each day? How long and how far are you walking each day? What about how many calories burned? With a health routine app, you can get answers to these questions, which can help you stay on track as you lose weight and get healthier. 

Walkmeter and other free pedometers can give you valuable information about your workouts. Many of these include calorie counter functions, allowing you to calculate steps into calories burned and then compare that against your calorie intake. That way, you'll always know whether you need to walk a little bit further today to work off that snack, or if you're right on track and can afford to take a shorter walk today. Best of all, look for a pedometer that can help you develop a habit and routine for your walking, which is the best way to achieve your long-term health goals.

Get Motivated to Move with Step Challenges

Probably the biggest problem everyone faces when starting a workout routine is developing the right motivation. It can be hard enough to start walking on any given day and going for a walk every day can seem impossible. That's why it's helpful to have a pedometer that can build some motivation for you. Activity tracker functions can be a huge help for this. By seeing your progress laid out, you can watch as you improve each day and if you're the competitive type, you can challenge yourself each time you workout to do better than last time.

However, some pedometers offer a daily step challenge, making it a bit more fun to head out and beat the new challenge for the day. For those who need a little more reward for their motivation, apps like Sweatcoin actually allow you to turn your steps into money and you can literally get money for walking. Once you get used to beating your step challenges and earn some extra money on the side, you'll have a solid workout habit to keep you healthy.

Walk for a Good Cause with Charity Pedometer Apps

As much as everyone likes rewards and winning challenges, it can still be hard to develop the right motivation because your workout is just for you. The only person who benefits is you, so some might say, why bother? Luckily, if you would rather do something for someone else than for yourself, there are great charity pedometer options out there. 

Basically, many charities exist that work on a money per mile sponsorship deal. So you can get a charity's specific miles app, get your friends and family to sponsor you, and then donations are sent to your charity based on how many miles your walk, as tracked by your pedometer. These charity miles can really add up, each step adding more money to the charities you care about. That way, it's not just you who benefits from your workout, and that might be just the motivation you need to gain a new, healthy habit.

Now you're ready to find the right tracking app for all your running, jogging, walking, and general fitness goals. Don't forget to check out our list for the Best 10 Pedometer Apps to start stepping.