Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Scrabble & Boggle Games

Download scrabble to take your play on the go

With all the pieces of letter tiles and the large game board, Scrabble isn't exactly the easiest game to take with you, especially if you want to play alone while waiting on the bus. If you want to challenge yourself with scrabble games to go, you'll want to download a single player app game for your phone rather than an online Mac or PC version.

There are a couple different options to choose from when it comes to playing Scrabble on your phone. If you need an offline version that you can access without an internet or data connection, you'll want to download a game that allows you to play against a computer or AI in real time. Or if connection isn't an issue, there are also plenty of free interactive games available that allow you to play against other players online in real time or turn by turn. This is also a great way to meet other players who have similar interest in word scramble games and logic puzzles so you can play against them in all your other favorites like Boggle.

Master the rules with an official Scrabble dictionary

If you're trying to improve your vocabulary and knowledge of Scrabble words that are allowed for use in game play, you should look into an app with a built-in dictionary so you can double check the words you play. It's best to find a game that checks your words as you go, so you will know immediately whether or not a word is allowed and you can continue trying to put together another word instead.

You may want to look in to a separate official dictionary app for scrabble games so you can learn new words that are not too common among players. This way you can up your game and pull out some new, long words that will rack up an even larger score. You'll also learn more about what letters you can combine to get more points and how to effectively use your bonus squares to win against any opponent.

Hone your skills with a Scrabble word finder

Using a Scrabble word finder isn't necessarily cheating if you're using one to help improve your skills before you battle your friends one on one. If you struggle with coming up with good words based on the letters given or you find it hard to creatively unscramble them, getting a scrabble games app or separate app with a word generator is good idea to help you learn. Once you see how a jumble of letters can be unscrambled to make words, you'll start to see some of the tricks to use and specific letters or combinations of letters to look for to get a higher score. For example, if you have an "S" you can always tack it on the end of a noun to add some more points, or if you have a common combination such as "T-I-O-N" you can easily look for other letters to add to it to make a great word.

Show off your skills by playing with your friends online

If you like finding ways to connect and have fun with your friends even when you're not with them, there's no doubt that word scramble games are a great option. Apps make playing Scrabble with friends, any time and anywhere, much easier. You can go head to head online and make a move at any time of day, to which your friend can respond with their move whenever they want to keep the game going. Popular multiplayer games like Words with Friends or Word Chums are a blast and connect you with players directly from your phone contacts or from the online community of players. If you're a particularly competitive type, you can rack up plenty of points for bragging rights and even battle your pals in a tournament-like setting to see who is the real word master.

Of course, sometimes there really is nothing like the feel of a classic board game, so if you want to get a physical Scrabble board set for your game collection, apps can also connect you with great deals for online shopping and fast shipping so you can have the game in time for your next get together with friends or family. Apps for popular online retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target are a great place to start to easily search for what you're looking for. Then you can scroll through the different versions to decide if you want a classic look or a deluxe version with fun variations and extra features. With online reviews and ratings from other buyers, you can be sure you get the best Scrabble game out there for hours of enjoyment with your loved ones.

Now you're ready to download a brand new app and get to puzzling out some fantastic words that will score you tons of points. Don't forget to check out our Best 10 Scrabble & Boggle games to get started!