Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Kids Racing Games

Save money with free car racing games

Your kids have some competitive energy they need to burn off. One of them pushes the grocery cart and cuts off the other as they go down the cereal aisle. In the world of these children, their heroes are Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin and Danica Patrick not Lebron James, Tom Brady or Mike Trout. The light goes off. They want to be race drivers. A second later, though, doubt sets in when you realize such a real-world endeavor will cost thousands of dollars. Even the costs of go-karts can quickly be more than $1000. The answer is to start them with some realistic online free car racing games that can you can download for free on your mobile device. The advantage of playing car games online is that they can smash head on into a wall and you will see them the next morning. The problem is the games can be addictive and you might have to say their names twice to have them look up.

Get the best racing games from top developers

For top developers, they know that racing games are both addictive and give users a need to, “guess what’s around” both literally and figuratively. Usually, the games that are free will only have a limited number of race tracks available. To go further, players need to spend money.

While the competitive aspect to racing games for kids are the same, the look and feel of each one can vary greatly. Real Racing 3 was developed by Firemonkeys Studios and feature real-word locations and cars such as Porsche, Lamborghini, and Bugatti. Parents that are looking to pass on the nostalgia of their childhood typically find comfort in the orange rubber ramps of Hot Wheels that now zips through insane tracks. If they are caught up in the world of Batman and Joker, the kids can enjoy Common Sense Media’s LEGO DC Super Heroes Chase where one player chases others. Developers also know that “racing games” shouldn’t just be limited to cars. Race the Sun uses a solar-powered craft and Subway Surfers primarily features characters running at full speed by foot.

Race at every level with age appropriate games

The most important thing to consider when picking out car games for kids is to know that as children grow older the game that is important to them can vary as well. Unless it’s to pick up shapes or movements for fun, it is unlikely that there’s a game that’s good for a toddler. But for 4-year-olds there are simple car game apps that develop coordination as the child simply tries to stay on the road. A 6-year-old can start understanding the physics of movements where more complicated maneuvers are required. In the past where a girls game, and one for a boy, had obvious distinctions in terms of stereotypical colors and characters, more developers are making games that are more gender-neutral and are categorized simply as kid racing. The games that are not as age-appropriate for children usually have purposes than just racing cars which can become more violent in nature. 

Rule the speedway by racing in every vehicle type

While racing in actual car games has its own level of enjoyment, kids are finding that having the vicarious sensation of trying other vehicle types without risk of actual injury has its perks as well. For a popular game created from the series of the same name is called Peg + cat where your character can race in imaginative vehicles such as a “pizza car.” Some of the games tap into the ability of mobile phones to vibrate. If your kid drives over a monster truck, the vibrations might be slower to give the sensation that the vehicle is climbing over another car. Fast intense vibrations with strong audio and it's clear that the player is driving a motorcycle. Also, video game developers can create near-perfect driving physics, the draw for a lot of the games are the number of licensed vehicles kids can try driving. They can feel the big differences between driving a van or truck around the track, and the drag nuances of a Porsche versus a Ferrari. 

Enjoy different racing styles with formats for every device

Just as racing games can vary in type, sometimes the games themselves have been developed for specific devices in mind. A mobile phone might cater a lot to customers that have VR (virtual reality) headsets. These games give the kid the sensation of being inside a car and getting in the habit of looking around for oncoming traffic. The most popular games are available for both Android and iOS and are usually similar in type. Some phones, however, with better sound quality will have noticeable differences when driving the actual cars. Those who have an iPad, or a larger phone, find that holding them between two hands gives the sensation that it is a steering wheel. There are some mobile devices that are compatible with console games such that the game on the television creates the experience of driving and the smaller mobile screen serves as the rearview mirror.

Parents that are worried about the games being addictive should turn them into a learning opportunity. They can discuss physic concepts such as the differences between acceleration and velocity or centripetal force acting on the wheels as a car turns. Ultimately pick the game with the right features that will make all parties happy.