Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Inventory Control Apps

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Inventory Control Apps

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When it comes to running a small business, one of the most important aspects is going to be inventory control. Not only will it ensure you have an efficient stock to keep your store open, but it also will make you aware of any internal or external theft that may be going on. Inventory control can take a bit of work to get a handle on, but once you’ve put together the necessary pieces, figuring out your store’s inventory will be a breeze.

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  1. Maximize business by understanding inventory control methods
  2. Master procedures with informative inventory control article
  3. Control your bottom line by following stock objectives
  4. Keep great records with different types of inventory control
  5. Manage your inventory from anywhere with software and apps

What are the best methods of performing inventory control? Long before technology made things far more efficient, it was simply a matter of counting each item and keeping a paper record on hand. Threats of fire, flood, and document loss were once a primary concern, but with the advent of computers and smartphone apps, different software methods have become more effective and safer methods of inventory control.

The functions of different websites and apps make it possible to keep inventory regardless of what your business is selling. Even if you’re not a standard brick and mortar store with rotating stock, there are going to be a variety of methods available to keep track of your inventory.

Inventory control is a prime factor when it comes to managing your business’ profit and loss as it will root out losses caused by theft and tell you what items are selling better. When you know what’s happening in your store or business, you can take the appropriate steps needed to further improve annual profits. You may find that you’ve been stocking items that aren’t selling well or are understocking your most popular items. Being in control of your inventory is one of the first steps to running a successful business.

How exactly does one even begin to integrate inventory control into their business? If you’ve been running your shop without it, trying to work a system of inventory control can be a little tricky. Luckily, nowadays, you never have to run into anything without a little help.

Whether you’re an owner or part of the management team, you likely understand the importance of mastering inventory control. That’s why you’ll want to be on the lookout for articles that may provide you with a starting point for the procedures of counting and managing your stock. Articles can be created by fellow store owners and can delve deep into the various steps one can take to check your inventory thoroughly.

If you’re into more interactive methods, you can find PowerPoint presentations (available in a PPT format) or PDF training guides. After you’ve reviewed them and decided how you’re going to start mastering the procedures of inventory control, you can make them part of management training. As much as you may know and understand about controlling your inventory, you will want someone else to have that knowledge for when you’re not available.

Why do we put such a focus on inventory control? For any business owner, it’s all about managing your stock to provide your customers with an efficient shopping experience and create a system of checks and balances. As much as you would love to trust everyone that steps foot into your store, you know there are those looking to take advantage. By closely monitoring your inventory, you can be made aware of loss due to theft.

Overall, your bottom line is based on the stock you keep in your store. Whether it walks out the door or is purchased by customers, it affects the livelihood of your business. Having a focus on your bottom line is also a means of controlling your inventory and stock objectives.

If you notice certain items aren’t selling or are selling but not making you enough profit, you will know to swap it out for different merchandise or offer it as a free perk for certain purchases. Generally, every aspect of your store plays some role in your yearly profit, and inventory control is no exception. By not following the flow of your stock, you won’t know what items are most beneficial to your business. When it comes to the success of your store, inventory control is of the utmost importance and helps you follow the sales so you can make the best decisions for your store.

Having one spreadsheet that covers your entire stock is a nightmare waiting to happen. What if you start transposing numbers? By the end of the month, you could have a calamity in your hands that won’t be easy to fix. Don’t catch it by the end of the year, and you’ll need to start all over.

There are different types of software that can help you keep clear records of your inventory, and many of them are intuitive enough to be usable by those intimidated by technology. Regardless of how large or small your business may be, you will want to be impeccable records of your stock. These spreadsheets or documents are going to be your key to understanding how your business is performing.

Regardless of what method of inventory control you’re using, you will need to keep clear records. As you’re inputting new data, do so carefully and always keep backups of the records you’re altering. You always want to have another copy on hand so you can guarantee that you’re keeping the best records possible.

Even if you own a business, that doesn’t mean you will be around 24/7 to take care of it. Sometimes you’re called away to meetings with investors or clients. Other times you may just be taking a short break on a family vacation. Still, in the back of your mind, you’ll be thinking about your store’s inventory. Regardless of where you may be, there are smartphone apps and software that can let you be part of the inventory control process.

Inventory control is so important to your store that you never want to feel like you can’t manage it. With an app, you can pop onto your phone and load up your inventory to verify your stock numbers. These mobile programs also allow you to see how your sales are doing.

Every system of inventory control has a different form, so it’s a matter of finding the one that suits your needs the most. The bottom line is finding the right app or software that can help you keep track of your stock, even if you’re halfway around the world from your shop.

With all of this in mind regarding inventory control in your business, it's about time to start narrowing down the best apps to help you put the practice into effect. Scroll through the Best 10 Apps for Inventory Control.

  • 1 ranking-icon-1 Stock and Inventory Simple

    Simple way to manage goods in a small shop, warehouse or home inventory storage

    Chester SW

    5K+ Reviews 100K+
    • 144 users said "easy to use"
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • Editor's Choice
    • Wow..... this is great work,,,I enjoy using the app for my stock and inventory....with great drive backup. please keep it up and allow it to be more enjoyable like this..I really appreciate and love this app. Thanks so much.
      jude maduabu


  • 2 ranking-icon-2 Smart Inventory System - Mobile & Web

    Super simple inventory app for home, small to mid businesses and hobbyist.


    1K+ Reviews 100K+
    • 84% positive reviews
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • Editor's Choice
    • I've looked at other apps, but either they were too simple or too complicated for me to use. I can make this as complicated as I want to. The lack of UPC Barcode lookup doesn't bother me, I suppose because very little of what is in my inventory comes from retailers. When it does have a UPC, I scan in the app, then copy the number and paste it into Google. Nine times out of ten, I get a name and description that can be copied and pasted into Smartinventory.
      Eric Vey


  • 3 ranking-icon-3 Stock and Inventory Management System

    A compact management system that manages your product stock and inventory easily

    Magnetic Lab

    456 Reviews 10K+
    • 85% positive reviews
    • Free
    • In App Purchases
    • Very very very very very Very very very very very Very very very very very super app for managing stock and inventory
      Meghana T


  • 4 Inventory Management App – Zoho Inventory

    Complete inventory management app from inventory tracking to order fulfillment.

    Zoho Corporation

    155 Reviews 10K+
    • 90% positive reviews
    • Free
    • Fresh
    • It can be a little time consuming BUT the value is unbelievable! Everything is on point when you enter in the data. Love how you can attach files and photos, record payments and shipping data, purchase orders. If I could get it to link my shipping label data to my customer package section it would be wonderful. One shop setup for all my transactions on the go. Love it!
      Tetie Sessoms


  • 5 Mobile Inventory

    Easily manage your inventory and/or do time to time “take stock” operation

    Bino Solutions

    469 Reviews 100K+
    • 84% positive reviews
    • Free
    • In App Purchases
    • Editor's Choice
    • Well I just started using this app and I'm extremely impressed with the easiness of this app and it's function. Makes my life that much easyer
      Steven Powers


  • 6 Inventory Management

    Inventory Management App is a simple app to record your inventory information.

    Inventory Releases

    271 Reviews 100K+
    • 75% positive reviews
    • Free
    • Editor's Choice
    • This app is really simple and easy to use. But somehow we need Price list and in and out items so we could track our items more efficient. Hope you could add that and it will be more helpful. Thank you!
      A Google user


  • 7 Easy Barcode inventory and stock-taking

    Simple, easy to use bar-code / QR stock-taking and inventory free

    NoWi Apps

    1K+ Reviews 100K+
    • 82% positive reviews
    • Free
    • Wonderful and easy to use and sort all items. No option to set prices but that isn't to important when you just need to keep count of what gets put out when stocking. And it keeps two counts, one is amount of different items and the other is total count super helpful thank you for making this