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Tips to Pick the Best Gospel Radio App

Find an App That Works Both On & Offline

Gospel radio has been around for a while and is a great way to get your daily dose of uplifting messages and great music - no matter where you are. Even if you don't have the time nor an opportunity to attend church, you can still receive some inspiration brought to you through song. Still, there are quite a few radio stations to choose from and more than a couple of apps that support them. So how do you pick the right one?

First, some purely technical matters ought to be considered. Do you have an internet connection on your phone that works wherever, whenever? Then you can easily rely on an online app and receive the broadcast through your WiFi or mobile internet. The charges won't be too high due to the compact nature of the transmission, so there is no need to worry about this.

Still, a reliable internet connection is still a rarity. Outages, minor glitches, and other inconveniences can easily interrupt your listening pleasure. This is the last thing you'd want in the middle of a particularly powerful song. Finding an app that works offline - through your phone's built-in radio transmitter - is the safest bet. You won't be able to save a playlist but at least you'll have good coverage throughout the whole day.

Pick Between Pentecostal & Baptist Stations

Gospel music is present in many different denominations but, in the US, it is generally considered a staple of two very large Christian movements, namely the baptist and the pentecostal. While both have great similarities in their teachings, they also diverge on more than a couple of points. Their approach to service and interpreting the King James Bible can be markedly different, as can their music.

This is why it is important to consider your membership in any of the churches and know which one you gravitate toward the most. For example, COGIC (Church of God in Christ) is among the largest parts of the pentecostal movements in the world, with a predominantly black membership in the US. They also have a wide selection of gospel radio stations and more than a few apps to their name.

Baptist churches also have a strong network of broadcasters and can be heard throughout the world. If this is the movement you identify with, you can always download an app that caters to your spiritual needs and listen to the word of the Lord interpreted through song, as well as discussion panels, interviews, and other types of programming.

Consider Both Old School & Contemporary Sound

Today, gospel music is hardly a uniform, monolith entity that exists in one form alone. Instead, it gathers together a multitude of styles and sub-genres, offering something interesting for everyone. Knowing which type of sound you prefer could greatly help you in selecting the right app for your needs.

Many people will gravitate toward the old school, enjoying the hymns and songs of their youth, or even the youth of their ancestors. This is a great way to reconnect with a centuries-old tradition and really become in sync with what those that came before you stood for. You can easily enjoy the sounds of that old-time church by picking an app that is devoted to this sort of aesthetic.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more contemporary vibe, you shouldn't have too much trouble in picking a platform for it. An urban station with progressive tendencies will play music blending influences from R&B and hip hop. This will create a sound that is better suited to transmit the messages of Christ to a younger audience.

Mix It With Some Christian Rock or Bluegrass

Throughout its history, gospel music has been receptive to influences from other genres and different denominations have taken on ideas from the widest variety of sources. Finding a station or an app that transmits a crossover sound has never been easier. It can showcase different approaches to preaching and allow you to pick your favorite.

Many of today's stations focus on Christian rock as their main way of communicating the message of the Lord. This is a very specific sort of style which differs greatly from traditional African-American gospel. Still, it can be just as effective and just as enjoyable. Looking for an app devoted to it won't take too long.

Many southern stations will have a strong bent toward country and bluegrass, leaning on a tradition of story-telling and music-making that stretches for centuries. By picking an app transmitting this kind of melody, you will be able to listen to some truly beautiful music, regardless of whether you are located in Maryland, Virginia, or NYC.

Look for Software That Works Across All Platforms

Last but not least, you ought to consider which device you will be using to receive the radio signals. Is your tablet your preferred platform or do you simply use your smartphone for all of your daily tasks? Some apps are better suited for one than the other, so reading the reviews and knowing which one is best to download for your device could save you a lot of trouble.

The same can be said if you like to have access through more than one gadget. You may rely on your iPhone for most of the day but, for the sake of keeping your budget in check, you can also have an Android tablet that costs a fraction of the iPad. Making sure that your favorite app is able to function on both is then of utmost importance. Some gospel radio stations will go so far as to allow you free access through your computer, making sure that you really are covered - no matter where you are.

After carefully considering our great Tips to Pick the Best Gospel Radio App, you can visit the Best 10 Apps for Gospel Radio and download whichever piece of software you think will suit you best.

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