Tips to Pick the Best 3D Action Game Apps

Stick to Fast-Paced Action for an Adrenaline Rush

3D action games have held the top spot in the world of digital entertainment ever since their inception. They are exciting, immersive, and give a player an opportunity to indulge in scenarios not easily accessible nor particularly safe in real life. Their popularity has inspired developers from across the globe to make as many of these games as possible, often flooding the market with way too many titles. Some of these can be great - others no so much. It is up to you to choose wisely and only devote your time to the best of the best. We'll show you how.

Initially, you should think about how fun the game is. It sounds like a very basic prerequisite, but often players will forget about this, and instead focusing on unnecessary details and wasting time discussing the finer points of level design. You are free to toss all of that out of the window and simply go for whatever promises the greatest adrenaline rush. You won't regret it.

Of course, you should consider your level of experience and perhaps even your age. If you've spent countless hours playing first-person shooters and platforms, you should be able to deal with a more difficult game. If, on the other hand, this is your first time in the virtual arena, try to download an app made with rookies in mind. Take it easy.

Find a Good Storyline & Introduce a Sense of Adventure

With such a strong emphasis on fighting enemies and going through as many levels as possible, it is often easy to forget about the narrative. Still, sometimes it is precisely a good storyline that can add an extra spark to any game, raising it from a merely good to an amazing creation. If a strong narrative and elaborate character development are more of your style, make sure to opt for 3D action games that are able to boast this quality. Ultimately, it will make your gaming so much more exciting.

In fact, today, very few titles will be 100% pure from a stylistic point of view. Many will gather elements from a few other genres, mixing up characteristics you'd never expect to see together. Action games are no exception and can often feature elements of mystery adventure or RPG. Coupled with a good third-person perspective, these crossover titles may be an excellent choice if you're up for a challenge. Gaming does, after all, go well beyond simply wielding a gun. Of course, this applies to having fun on your phone and PC alike.

Focus on Strategy to Stimulate Your Mind

The story will often expand to include a few strategic elements. The fast-paced action will be great most of the time but, at some point, you will have to pause, think, and solve a few puzzles. You may also need to find a way to maneuver a more complicated situation, or even manage a few other players or NPCs. If this sounds like a good idea, you should consider focusing on apps with a strategic bent.

Hitman games, in particular, offer plenty of room for stealth action. They are based on the so-called assassin premise, which means that the playable character is often entrusted with a particularly difficult task that needs to be performed, without causing too much commotion. Instead, a careful and deliberate approach is best for completing these missions.

Some 3D action games will go beyond this to include the cooperative element. This will exist either in the form of multiplayer sessions or through the option of partially controlling an entire team of characters. This way, a task or a mission will be completed with a good deal of strategy in mind, while still retaining a decent amount of action. Finding such an app should not be too difficult.

Play Online & Make Tons of New Friends

Today, perhaps more than ever, gamers are faced with a choice between the solitary, single-player experience, and a more communal multiplayer approach. The pros and cons of each are quite numerous, but we should definitely focus on the positive side whenever we look to pick the best app for our entertainment.

3D action games that have a strong online presence are very common and, in fact, you will often be hard-pressed to find one which sticks to an offline-only approach. Playing on the web with your friends is a great way to reconnect and share the fun even if you're thousands of miles apart. Simply find an app that will let you organize a closed session, free from intruders, and you will be ready to party.

Other multiplayer shooters you can choose will lead you into the world where you can literally play with (or against) just about anyone on the planet. Such apps will connect you with strangers who share your passion for action, letting you blow off some steam and really get into the game. Join a proper Internet tournament and measure your skills against some of the best players in the world.

Pick Universal Software to Play Wherever You Are

Still, in order for all of this to work, you should try and remember one purely technical factor. Two decades into the 21st century, we still have to deal with device compatibility and the fact that some portable gadgets run on vastly different systems. An iOS tablet will belong to its own little universe, while an Android-run phone will have its unique code and set of digital rules. This can make the task of picking a multiplayer app a bit difficult.

The best way to make sure that all of your friends will be able to join the fun is to determine whether your 3D action game of choice is universal and able to run on every platform. Don't forget to check the performance and age of each gadget, just so that you can avoid unpleasant surprising and laggy gameplay. Only with all the features unlocked can you expect to have a smooth run.

Another thing that many users will often forget until its too late is the app's ability to adapt to any screen resolution. A 5-inch mobile phone and a 10-inch tablet obviously won't behave in the same way. Choosing a game that is able to deal with both will be of paramount importance if you want to play wherever, whenever - both on and offline.

Carefully considering our Tips to Pick the Best 3D Action Game Apps is practically guaranteed to help you with choosing among the Best 10 3D Action Games. Let the fun begin.