Tips to Find the Best PDF Editor Apps for You

Save money by using free PDF tools

Want a way to preserve your document’s formatting without spending a ton of money? You’re going to want to look for a free app you can download that lets you save documents in PDF form so you can stick to your budget and make sharing documents with others more convenient.

Or, if you’re looking for a PDF editor that lets you save and share files without being hindered by a watermark, then you’ll want to find an app that lets you add or remove watermarks as you see fit in order to make each document perfectly secure and readable. Adding watermarks can be beneficial in preventing other sources from illegally using the materials that you’ve worked so hard on like photos, advertisements, and graphics.

Not sure which free PDF editor you want to use? For both Windows and Mac users, you may want to consider the tried and true favorite Adobe Acrobat. Select an app with access to Adobe Acrobat to give it a try.

Or, if you’re still unsure, you may consider selecting a PDF app that also offers access to recommendation sites like Reddit so you can see which editors and features other people are enjoying most.

Conserve memory space by editing PDF files online

Regardless of whether you’re at work, at home, or on-the-go, there are going to be times where you need to make edits ASAP and you just don’t have enough space on your device to save your PDF. If you find that this happens to you frequently, then you’re going to want to look for an app that allows you to work on your PDF document online and save it to the cloud for access wherever you are.

Need an online PDF editor that will let you align the margin, crop images, or show where you’re marking edits so other team members can see? Look for an app that offers online PDF access for multiple people, so you and your coworkers can live-edit any document file to make it perfect, pristine, and ready for presentation.

If you’re a fan of the Google PDF viewer and you want other options that also offer basic, easy-to-view PDFs, you might also consider apps with clean interfaces like PDF Buddy or PDF Zorro in order to get the look that you want. Sometimes the last thing you need is a bunch of extra features bogging you down, so if you want something clean and simple, look for a PDF app that lets you read PDFs without distractions.

Maximize your productivity by learning to modify PDF files

Learning how to edit PDFs can make the entire document-creation process much easier. If you’re wondering how to get started learning about PDFs, then you’re going to want to find an app that teaches you how to edit PDF files in popular formats like Photoshop or Adobe Reader. This way, regardless of what kind of document you are creating, you’ll understand what the first steps need to be to create the perfect canvas.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or you just need a refresher, you may want to consider an app that offers instructions or tutorials on how to make changes to a PDF document, how to save those changes, and what steps need to be taken to make your PDF into the desired file format for your particular project.

Have a Mac but need a PDF that can be displayed on Windows (or vice versa)? You’ll want an app that lets you create universal PDF documents that can be used regardless of the device type, software, or manufacturer. This will give you the flexibility to create and display your PDF file anywhere, without changing the document’s appearance or general layout.

Find PDF editors compatible with your favorite programs

Occasionally it can be difficult to find a PDF editor that works with the programs you love most like Microsoft Word or Photoshop, so when you’re looking for the perfect app, it’s important to make sure it’s compatible with the programs you use every day. If you’re constantly using Adobe softwares for work, you’re going to want to ensure the app you select will let you create and read PDFs that work with Adobe.

If you’re looking for a PDF editor you can really make your own, then you may want to consider an open source PDF app that allows you to make customizations as needed so you can view, display, and edit all PDF files, whether you have a Mac computer, Windows PC, or you like to jump between devices.

Manage PDF files your way with advanced tools

Advanced tools, like signing contracts, editing text, adding video, cropping edges, and adjusting margins, can make editing a document in PDF form a breeze. Whether you want to add a chart, table, or correct an error, you’re going to want to find a PDF editor app that offers additional tools along with the basics of a PDF viewer.

Need to white out a mistake just like you would on a piece of paper? Choose an app that offers text editing tools to easily correct typos, misprints, and word duplications on your document. Make the text on every page more streamlined, cohesive, and error-free.

Create a PDF on Adobe Acrobat while using a Mac but now need to view it on a Windows computer? Select an app that allows you to create PDFs that seamlessly transition from one program to the next while still allowing you to make edits, add page numbers, and make your document shine. Popular apps like ApowerPDF, AbleWord, and Foxit are available to help get the job done and make each page viewable on devices across platforms.

Viewing and editing a PDF can be a simple task if you follow these 5 tips for picking out the PDF editor app that’s right for you. Now it’s time to put your new-found knowledge to the test by checking out our Best 10 PDF Editor apps and pick out the one for you!