Tips on Finding the Best Country Radio Apps

Getting Your Favorite FM Station on the Go

If you're old enough to remember the days of waking up Saturday morning and immediately turning the radio on to hear the top song countdown for the week, this is for you. If you remember laying in the park, backyard, or anywhere outdoors and only requiring a blanket and a stereo, (as long as you could catch the single to hear the stations clearly) then this section is also for you. 

Of course, today you can use your smartphone instead of a clunky FM stereo, but you can still get your favorite FM stations you grew up on. Even better, with radio apps, you can expand your radio station options by getting different radio stations from across the country or even international stations. So, not only do you get your favorite country radio station, but you can also pick up new ones and see what kind of country music people are listening to all over the world. If DJs, interviews, and true radio entertainment are what you're looking for mixed with your country tunes, check out apps like RadioGuide.FM or MyTuner Radio Pro.

Find Streaming Station With Your Favorite Genre of Country

Now, onto the important topic of country sub-genres. Just like other genres of music, there can be quite a division between the musical tastes of each variation. For example, fans of classic country, those who listen to the likes of Waylon Jennings, Loretta Lynn, George Strait, or Charlie Pride, are going to want to listen to a streaming station that plays the hits from the 1960s to the early 1990s. 

But, if you're a bit of a younger music lover or appreciate the culture and tunes of folk music, then you are probably looking to a station that plays more artists like Whiskeytown, Cowboy Junkies, Gillian Welch, and the Drive-by Truckers. Americana country music is a blend of blues, bluegrass, singer-songwriter, R&B, and rock. By contrast, there is also pop country, which is another sub-genre that is a fusion of pop music with country music. This mainly came about when upcoming country music stars wanted to expand their audience base. Essentially, pop music with a touch of twang or cowboy boots. Notably, this most famous star that grew from the sub-genre, Ms. Taylor Swift. 

Now, more than likely, you will be able to find more than one station on apps like Free Country Music Radio that focus on your particular kind of country music. So, whether you like the old-time tunes of the classics, or the folk and blues-inspired soulful tunes of Americana, there are streaming stations for every country music fan. 

Podcasts & Learning About New & Old Artists

Another way to appreciate the artists that you love to listen to is to hear their interviews online, learn about how they came up with different songs, what the lyrics mean, and about their lives in general. Therefore, listening to country music podcasts and interviews should be an option or feature you look for in an app. With apps like Country Music Radio & Podcasts, you get 100s of stations as well as 1000s of downloadable interviews and podcasts. Listening to your favorite out of Nashville, listening to interviews with new and upcoming artists, or diving into a streaming station of classics has never been easier than with country music apps.

Listening to Country Offline: Downloading Playlists

Another crucial feature you want in a country music apps, the ability to listen even when you are out of network connection. If you are traveling across the country on a road trip, flying, or enjoying being outdoors for the day, you're not always going to be somewhere with a stable connection. But, that shouldn't stop you from listening to your favorite artists. So, check out apps where you can create your playlist, or find a playlist that someone else created, and be able to download the mix onto your phone.

All in One Apps for Listening to Country

Finally, all the tips above, you can find a couple of apps to tailor to your needs. For instance, you can find a great music app that has a variety of Americana and alternative country music. You can also download a podcast app that has 1000s of different biographies, interviews, and live concerts available to play either streaming or download. And, you can find an app that is designed to download playlists for easy listening offline. But, if you aren't fussed with one specific feature, then you might want to start with 1 app that has a bit of it all to enjoy. That way, you get a variety of options on 1 app and can discover what you love best and later find an app that focuses on your niche. One app that has everything you need to start is iHeartRadio. Full of FM radio stations, podcasts, and streaming and download options, all in one apps are an easy way to get the best of all the features, with little to no price tag. 

Country music is not just a genre, it's a culture on to itself. Although lovers of country music are a diverse group, they all have something in common, guitars and good tunes. So, if you want to find an app that you can enjoy your world of country music, check out our top 10 country radio apps.