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Tips for Finding the Best Storm Tracker App

Tips for Finding the Best Storm Tracker App

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With the weather changing more drastically these days, it's good to know how to predict different types of weather. Even if you just want to make sure your camping trip doesn't get rained out or if you are worried about a bigger things like hurricanes, tornadoes, or tropical storms, here are 5 tips to help you find the best apps to keep you updated and ready for all mother nature throws at you. 

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  1. Make educated storm predictions in meteorologist absence
  2. Study the ocean waves to predict weather on the coasts
  3. Knowing hot weather patterns can signal an incoming storm
  4. Use better radars to predict if your day is ruined
  5. Know when to stock up on commodities when storms hit

You can learn how you can predict the weather without the help of a meteorologist by using some common sense tactics and a little help from chemistry. Obviously, you can simply walk outside and see if there are any dark clouds forming, but you might want to know about the whole day or week's chance of rain. You can get a weather app with live radar that gives you up to date information on how many inches your town should expect to get, or rain predictions for the whole week. There are apps that can help you track bird patterns which can be really useful in predicting the weather. If a flock of migrating birds that normally comes to your area at a certain time of year or even day suddenly seem to be heading out, chances are they might be telling you to do the same. You can learn from a chemistry app on how to make a storm glass. A storm glass can help you discover the chemical reactions that change in the atmosphere when bad weather is coming. Many weather forecasting apps have loads of features like weather widgets that have options to know what the weather is like in multiple cities, weather in your city over the course of 50 years, or deep dive into the radar to see whats predicted for the future. 

Coastal weather has become increasingly more volatile. Category 5 hurricanes like Hurricane Dorian have increased since 2016 and they don't seem to be slowing down in frequency. If you live on the coast, you may want to look for an app that focuses on coastal winds, waves and severe weather conditions brewing out in the ocean. If you live in Florida, you might be more than aware that your state has been hit with more storms than any other state in the U.S. For that reason alone, you might want to be up to speed on the best apps for watching tidal currents and temperatures to see if something major could be collecting in the ocean. It's also good to have a tide tracker app if you live by the coast. Knowing the difference between the normal low tides and high tides can alert you if you see a major difference from the norm, that could let you know that a possible hurricane could be close. If you live on the west coast of the U.S, a storm tracker California, Mexico, and Oregon would be ideal so you can see where the storm might shift or change direction as it gets closer to land fall. Any coastal resident would be well served to have an app that alerts you when levels of emergency including evacuation routes, what to bring, and how quickly you need to leave in the face of a major storm. 

Severe thunderstorms can be caused by a heat wave. If warm air from the earth's surface gets pushed into the dropping cold air, coupled with moisture in the air, that can create a severe thunderstorm like a tornado. As global warming continues, places like Texas can have a hurricane one week, and turn around in be a drought crisis next week. You will need to look for apps that show you not only day to day rainfall, but an app that can tell you the heat wave index, the severity of the drought, and if there is instability in the air. The clash of hot and cold air can turn into a tornado on land or a hurricane over water. Both severe storms thrive on the instability and can cause major damage. Depending on where you live and what storm is more likely, you want to download and app that features a hurricane tracker or a tornado tracker so you can be prepared if the unfortunate event happens.  

If you simply want to know if you can enjoy your day in the park or plan on movies at home, you can use weather apps to get the most up to date information about the weather. You can use a storm tracker app, but if you are looking for just the amount, if all, of precipitation in your area you can use apps like Google Earth which can tell you if there is snow, rain, or hail close to your area as it is actually happening. You can also download an app that focuses on live radar that will tell you what to expect every minute of the day. Radars detect and calculate the motion of precipitation so if you're looking to see how your day is going to pan out, this would be the best feature to look for in an app.  Doppler radars are also a great feature for an app to download. The Doppler radar specializes in tracking the velocity of the precipitation, so you will know whether you're going to get a bit of rain or prepare for a downpour. A general rule in weather prediction is the closer you are to the day you're predicting, the more accurate the prediction is going to be. That doesn't mean if you use a radar app that gives you a long-term forecast to see if next weekend will be a good weekend to go to an outdoor festival, it just means you will get an idea of what the weather looks like its going to be. Don't loose faith if it says storms, but do keep checking in as the weekend closes in to see if the weather patterns change and give you sunshine instead. 

Not only can weather ruin your day, but it can also be the creator massive damage to cities and can have a huge economic impact on the areas affected by it. Hurricanes win the award for the type of storm that has costed more lives and money than any other type of severe storms. But if you are in the agriculture sector, there are many weather conditions that can cause damage to your business. Both floods and droughts can create issues with farmers, ranchers, and could cause potential threat to the food safety. If you are in the agricultural business then it's crucial that you know what the weather is going to do from day to day and season to season. There are apps that develop their content from radars, meteorologists, and local users that send in data to combine all the information to get the most precise accuracy. There are other apps that have come tried and true like the Farmer's Almanac, which have been using the same scientific techniques for since George Washington. Other commodities like coffee or wine can be devastated for years after one bad season. Monsoon rain can cause low yields in coffee and affect the coffee beans with rotting or prematurely dropping beans from the plants. Apps are being created in order to help coffee farmers gain productivity and profitability eve during years of floods. The drought impact on wine industry can also prove near fatal with just one bad season. The cost of irrigating the vineyard is only one of the worries. Grapes that get hotter seasons tend to ripen faster, not giving the grape the time to mature and have the complex flavor consumers are looking for. It also drives the price of the wine up, but not the quality. Commodity brokers would benefit from having apps that allowed them to share investment advice, where farmers and ranchers would benefit from having an app that allows them to share growing and tending advice with each other. 

Now that you have gotten some tips on weather apps, you should be able to find one that is perfect for your needs. Whether your looking at your weekend, your business or your city, there is an app that will allow you to access the information you need. Don't forget to check out the link to some of the top weather apps out there to see if one of those ticks all the boxes for you. 

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