Tips for Downloading the Best Basketball Games

Try Free Basketball Apps to See Which Ones You Like

Basketball games are some of the most fun apps on the market but they can be a little finicky.  There are so many little things about basketball games that can make you either love or hate the game. The shooting mechanics for each game are slightly different, which is why some people love playing 2k on their pc, while others swear by the mobile version. Trying out the different mechanics of basketball apps is where trying out free basketball apps comes in handy. Spending money to download a game where you can hit a shot, steal the ball, or time a rebound sucks, so be sure to try out a few different apps where you can test how well the game suits you before you shell out money for the full version. There are some insanely fun free basketball games out there, so don't be in a hurry to buy a paid version because you feel like your missing out. Check out a few pop a shot games, or try your luck at a dunk contest. Either way, it's a great way to kill a few hours of free time.

Play Online to Compete Against Your Friends

Basketball games are almost always better when your competing or playing with your friends. From the trash talk to the comradery that comes with destroying the other team in NBA jam online, it's a great feeling. Mobile versions of basketball games have come a long way since they first started. Now in 2019 they are incredibly fluid and have as good as or even better graphics than their console counterparts. Another advantage of playing with your friends on mobile basketball apps is you can play with your friends wherever you go. Stuck at a boring family event? Download 2k mobile to save yourself from some awkward family conversations about how much you've grown, or what are your plans for the summer. You don't have to wait for your friends to get online either. You can go solo against a random opponent to practice for the games against your friends that matter. Of course, the games don't always have to be competitive; you can play with your friends or strangers to try and beat the computer. You'll find hours of fun whether you decide to play with or against your friends. 

Find Offline Apps to Practice Your Mobile Basketball Skills

No matter if you are playing a live game with or against your friends, losing games isn't super fun, and you probably can't be online all of the time. So, to improve your gameplay, look for a game that you can play even when you're not connected to the Internet. Whether it's 2k19, EA sports, or some other game, being able to play offline is super convenient for several reasons. The first reason you'll want to find an app that works offline is for battery life. If you are away from a place where you can charge your phone or need to save your battery, playing a game that has to connect to the Internet will quickly eat up your phone's battery. By playing in offline mode, you'll be able to extend the battery life of your phone by a significant amount so you can get a few more games in before your phone dies. The second reason is when you have bad cell service is when you'll want to play a game on your phone to kill time the most. By having a game that lets you play offline, you'll be able to practice your shooting skills even when you have a laggy Internet connection.

Try Other Sports Games and See How They Stack Up

Now that you've downloaded and played a few different basketball games, you might, heaven forbid, be getting a little tired of playing basketball on your phone. Not to worry, there are plenty of other sports games out there. From street football apps to archery, the options are just about endless. Checking out different sports is a great way to see if you have been missing out on any of the other great games out there. According to Reddit, there are some awesome NFL apps available for download. These NFL apps let you create your player, as you try to guide him to a Pro Bowl game through injuries, and missed catches or missed tackles. A lot of these games are just as competitive, if not more so than any basketball app out there. So, it shouldn't be a problem to try and convert your friends over to a new sport game once they see how much fun it is.

Find Apps That Can Recreate Your Favorite NBA Finals Games

If you are tired of playing against other people, there is no reason why you can enjoy playing against the computer for a little while, in fact, look for basketball apps that can help you recreate your favorite NBA Finals games. Whether you are trying to change history so your favorite team wins the title instead of losing at the last second, or want to try and repeat history, there are several apps out there for iPad, iPhone, or Android that let you create custom matches for a list of different teams and eras. Playing different eras makes it so that you can bring back your favorite players like Larry Bird or MJ out of retirement and get them back on the court.

Now that you can find a basketball game that you'll love to play, get out there and start searching. Just keep these tips in mind, and you'll be playing a great game of hoops in no time.