Tips & Ways to Customize Ringtones & Sounds

Tips & Ways to Customize Ringtones & Sounds

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Your phone can be a representation of your personality. You can find your favorite color case and add personal touches like your most-loved picture of you and your partner, dog, or sunset as your home page or wallpaper. But personalization doesn't stop there. You can also customize the sounds and ringtones on your phone. Check out our tips on how you can use different sounds and ringtones to take your customization to the next level. 

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In the days of flip phones, before smartphones with touch screens and apps for anything imaginable, the only way to customize your phone was to get ringtones. Sure, your phone came with a set of free ringtones, but if you wanted cooler ringtones or snips of songs, you had to fork out the cash.  

Nowadays, it is a completely different tune. You can change the ringtones for any app notification, have a particular song play for when a certain person calls, and you can record and edit any sound or song on your phone and use it for anything you want. Let's paint a picture. You're in the middle of cooking dinner or talking to a friend and you hear your message notification on your phone. Instead of wondering who it was, whether it was someone from work with a time-sensitive message, or your mom messaging, again, you can use apps to customize the sounds so you know who or what it is without having to look.

Your phone is your center for all things. It allows you to communicate with people all over the world, and download an unimaginable amount of apps on almost limitless topics and subjects. It's your first source for almost all of the information you receive in a day. So, one of the best ways to control how many times you reach for your phone is to change the notification alert you get for the different apps you have. 

By having different sounds and ringtones, you can prioritize what notifications matter most. For instance, if your driving in your car, and you hear the chosen notification for your favorite shopping app, you know it's not dire to check while going 60 miles an hour. Instead, when you get home, you know you get to lounge on the couch and do some sale shopping online. 

Alternatively, you can set ringtones to alert you of apps you give high importance. For example, your communication app with work or family, a weather app that sends you incoming storm alerts, or your banking app that sends a notification when there is movement in your account. These are all alerts that you would want to make sure you are aware of in real-time. 

Changing up the alerts and notifications for apps is not the only audio customizations you can do with your phone. You can download different song bytes or sounds and use them for ringtones. That way, you can identify who is calling you without having to pull out your smartphone to check. 

You can set your family to one sound or song as well as your work friends, college buddies, and even your boss. How you categorize your ringtones are completely up to you, but you definitely want to make sure and download an app like ToneCreator, which gives you loads of different sound and song options. That way, if you really wanted to personalize your whole contact list, you could find enough ringtones, text tones, and sounds for each person to have their own.

An even more entertaining way to personalize your smartphone is to edit songs and use short snips as ringtones for your contact list. With apps like MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker, you can download music or any audio files, edit and cut them, and turn them into notifications, ringtones, or alerts. 

If you and your partner have a favorite song, you can download it to the app, edit it, and save it as your partner's ringtone so you hear it every time they call. Once more, you can take audio clips from movies, theme songs, and much more and create fun alerts and ringtones. With these audio editing and converter apps, you can basically turn any sound into an alert on your phone. 

However, if you value a good laugh over a snip of your favorite song, then you might want to download an app like FunBox. Here you can find a variety of funny noises to add to your audio library for alerts, notifications, and ringtones. 

For example, with funny noise apps, you can download an audience laughing, different animal noises, or a recording of an evil laugh. That way, anyone around you will have no choice but to have a laugh after you receive a text message from a friend with a kitty meowing as the text tone, or an evil laugh chimes when your boss messages you. 

After learning about the different ways you can customize your alerts, ringtones, and notifications, check out our top 10 list of ringtone and sounds apps. You should be able to find an app that allows you to customize your notifications, add your favorite songs to your contact list, and change your text tones all in one place.

  • Old Telephone Ringtones – classic phone ringtones for all lovers of retro phone!

    4.7 Ratings 46K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • I recommend Old Ringtones to anyone desiring a classic phone ring. This application is as advertised. The tones are loud, the options will cover most tastes, and some classics never go out of style. Thanks. ☮️
      Tim Hillard


  • Notification Sounds, ringtones and wallpapers enjoyed by millions of people!

    4.4 Ratings 33K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • Decent app, fair selection. Adds are mostly built-in and non intrusive. Would like a better interface with the phone, or to have the ringtones added to the phone's list. Getting a ringtone to be accepted by another app is somewhat cumbersome, and on occasion impossible
      Jonathan Lunsford


  • Laugh all day long with Funny SMS Ringtones & Sounds!

    4.6 Ratings 54K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • Just opened it. Listened to 5 sounds, tried to set and had to do this. I mean, I don't really know how I feel about this app.
      Dawns Briner


  • Millions of free background wallpapers, ringtones, alarm & notification sounds

    4.5 Ratings 8M+ Reviews 100M+ Downloads
    • Your app is awesome . Even at the hardest times in life.. you help bring a smile and a laugh ,, and your app let's us Express ourselves....and that it seem s to show the people around us when we get a call or a notification .. how silly... but individually unique each of us are. Were all different but we all have that one quality that makes us standout above the rest . That s is why I ( we) love your app "Individuality"
      John Miller


  • More than 1000 notification sounds & Ringtones. Get fun with this soundboard!

    4.2 Ratings 82K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • The sound is funny but i love it...when my girlfriend chat me and i was sleep i wakeup because i hear that sound.
      Norazni Ibrahim


  • The fastest (and safest) way to get some adrenalin rush!

    4.3 Ratings 3K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • I like the scary tones although they are not enough, and sometimes I am also got scared when my phone is ringing. I love it.
      Scelo Dlamini


  • Cool, calming, relaxing, serenity...nature sounds ringtones.

    4.4 Ratings 7K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • Have contacted the developer to find out how to reduce volume -awaiting response. Pleasant sounds become jarring when too loud.
      Cheryl Herbert


  • 😂 Free ringtones, notifications and alarms to make your device different 😂

    4.0 Ratings 430 Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • Great work , anything that can give us all at least a bit of a laugh each day where possible , in this crazy mixed up world we all live in , ( during covid-19 ) is definitly doing some GREAT work , keep it up !
      Peter Stead


  • For Android phones - Funny, R&B, rap, reggae, country, rock, love, iPhone...

    4.5 Ratings 885 Reviews 100K+ Downloads
    • Added a star to make it 5 for your encouragement. ;) It would be impossible for me to list all of the ideas I have for ringtones and notification sounds. However, while browsing the app (which is addicting btw) I was inspired by what is there and had a lot of ideas. It's all about personal preference, right? Maybe some more samples of a larger variety of music styles / artists (such as Incubus [alt rock]) more classic movie & TV theme songs (eg. love the Sanford and Son theme), etc.. 🤙🏻
      Joshua Greenbaum


  • Wake up with Alarm Sounds & Ringtones – best free music ringtones you can find!

    4.4 Ratings 9K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • I like how convenient it is. Setup is 5 minutes max and then you know how how wake up to something new everyday :) thank you so much for this!!!!


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