Things to Consider When Looking for a Wind Forecast App

Things to Consider When Looking for a Wind Forecast App

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Wind affects each part of the world differently, and in some corners, it can even be dangerous. So, if you live or plan to travel to such a place, it is good to have a reliable wind forecast app. We'll give you a few pointers on how to make the best choice.

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Wind is considered one of the most volatile aspects of our environment. A true force of nature, it can affect our lives in more ways than we can think of. A particularly strong hurricane can even claim the lives of many, so it is good to be prepared. A trustworthy online resource can be of tremendous help and warn you of any incoming change in the speed and direction of the wind. Still, do you know how to pick the right one?

Today, quite literally hundreds of apps can keep you informed on the topic. While this may sound like amazing news, in reality, it can make your choice a bit more difficult than it ought to be. A good wind forecast app should be simple and easy to navigate. If this is your first time looking for such software, avoid those buried in unnecessary features at all costs. Know what you need and focus exclusively on it.

There are more than a couple of instances at which you might need such software. Sailors, both professional and amateur, can benefit greatly from it. For them, receiving live updates about the weather and the wind is of utmost importance. If you find yourself depending on every little gust of wind, you should definitely go for an app that will be updated in real-time - day and night.

Today, it is possible to download most smartphone apps for free. Even those that come at a price are likely to allow access to some of their features, such as outdoor temperatures or barometric and atmospheric pressure without immediately requesting a payment. If you are looking to save a bit, you can manage quite well this way. Your kids' piano lessons or a new car loan are, after all, a much more important thing to consider. Put as much as you can on the side for now and you'll have plenty of opportunities to splurge later on.

Still, that does not mean that all paid wind forecast apps are a waste of money. Quite the contrary. Some of the premium programs are incredibly useful, especially if you find yourself working in a line of business that highly depends on the speed and direction of the wind. Fishing and farming are the first that come to mind but, of course, professional pilots should be mentioned too. If you fall into any of these categories, it makes sense to invest in the best and get information an average user won't necessarily need.

Obviously, wind forecast will depend on your geographic location. It would be pointless to focus on Nebraska if you're in Kansas - even if both are equally windy. This is why it is always important to check if your app of choice provides information for your area. Of course, if you intend to fly to Chicago or San Francisco, you will want software that casts an even wider net but, for most users, one that thoroughly covers their current location will suffice.

Speaking of frequent travelers and professional pilots, they might want to consider software that would deal with the whole country or even continent. North America does differ widely from the rainy and windy Indian subcontinent, so each will be best represented by software tailor-made for it.

Another rather obvious criterion is that of language. If you are looking for apps covering foreign lands, you may find yourself unable to understand a single word. A simple chart could suddenly look like a piece of Java code and maps may appear unintelligible. In order to avoid this situation, make sure to check if the platform you are about to download is available in a language you are fluent in.

We truly live in the digital age. Technology is making such massive strides ahead that we often cannot even keep up. Who would've thought, mere 20 years ago, that wind forecast apps would be a perfectly normal thing? Yet here we are, wondering which of the many to pick. This is where technology comes into play in a way that we don't necessarily expect nor want. Any app you wish to download raises the question - is your phone good enough for it?

The strength of the processor as well as the quantity of RAM memory available can play an important role, especially with more demanding software. It's not only games that can suck up all the power - sometimes, online platforms too can drain your battery in a jiffy. Of course, this doesn't mean you need the latest flagship model but still - be careful and check the small print.

Another purely technical matter to take into consideration is your phone's ability to stay connected. Choosing an app that works fine offline is a great way to bypass this issue for a while but, ultimately, most weather programs will indeed be an online-only affair. This will be true for any mobile phone - be it run by iOS or Android.

One of the main reasons forecast mechanisms exist is the fact that the weather can often wreak havoc on the crops, destroy man-made structures, and even put people's lives in danger. The wind is no exception to this rule and can, in fact, be one of the most powerful forces of nature there is. A flood, lightning, or earthquake are the only ones that can compare. Luckily, apps can be of great help here.

A timely alert is important if you want to avoid seeing trees pulled out of the ground and cars flying around due to a massive hurricane. If you live in an often affected area, you will know how bad things can get. An app or widget which delivers warnings of severe conditions will be extremely useful in such circumstances, allowing you to look for cover and prepare accordingly.

Some of these apps could even save your life. If you wish to be particularly careful, you might want to check if your new piece of software has a database of important numbers and other ways to signal for help. This could make a tremendous difference, regardless of whether you find yourself sailing, on the road, or even at home.

With this list of Things to Consider When Looking for a Wind Forecast App, you can confidently sail towards the Best 10 Apps for Forecasting Windy Conditions and pick the one you can trust.

  • Weather, wave & wind forecasts for surfing, sailing, kitesurfing & windsurfing

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    • I trust wind finder everyday when I am out on the water. I have pointed hundreds of people to it . If you are a pro you will use what all of us do every night . Wind finder !!! You will be glad you did !!!
      Lewis Household


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    • This is a very narrow-minded review for those of us who are just weather junkies - we're not flying kites (at least not every day), sailing boats, or otherwise out playing in the wind. We just want the best weather info available, both forecasted and observed. I've got every remotely serious weather app in the app store and subscribe to the premium services of a couple dozen of them. There's only one thing (in my opinion) that this app does that other available apps don't do better (and it's the only one that has this feature at all): it allows you to stack the parameters of several different models for easy comparison. I've created a custom profile that lets me see the model parameters I'm interested in grouped together for easy comparison: temperature, precip, wind, etc. The other Windy app's maps are far better, LuckGrib is far better at displaying the models and ALL the parameters, etc. I could go on with this sort of comparison for pages, but this app is the only that has the killer feature of letting me position the data in a chart in the order I want it - for that reason alone, I pay the subscription. Their support is also first class and they listen to requests from their users. But the custom profile comparison capability is the reason this app has a place on my home screen, and the reason I think it deserves 5 stars in a very crowded category.


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    • Knowing which way the wind is blowing and how hard it is blowing Will help you take evasive measures when driving a high profile semi truck.


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    • This app is SO helpful. I use it to decide when I want to sail, and how to plan my trip when I do sail.


  • Weather, wave & wind forecasts for surfers, sailors, kitesurfers & windsurfers

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  • iWindsurf is your #1 most trusted Windsurfing weather source.

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    • I kayak quite a bit on the Saint Croix river. This app gives me much more reliable wind forecasting the other weather apps I have tried. I really like the local stations and the forecast tables.


  • Fishweather is your #1 most trusted Fishing weather source.

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      F/V Hakuna Matata


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      A Google user


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