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The New and Improved AppGrooves Compare Tool

Compare Up to 10 Apps with this Fully Customizable Feature

Use this Compare Apps tool from AppGrooves - Introducing NEW APP COMPARISON tool

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OK, users, you asked for it and you got it.

One of AppGrooves’ finest features on its website just got even better. Recently, AppGrooves unveiled the newest version of its Compare Tool and you will immediately notice a major structural change that will blow you away.

Over the last several months, AppGrooves sought out the opinions of many users to find out what you wanted to see in a new version of our Compare Tool and we listened. We made the tool simpler, more streamlined, and more intuitive to use. And even better, the new compare tool is almost entirely in your control. You pick out the apps you want to compare, you define the comparison criteria, and more.

Check out this fitness app comparison now!

Exciting Improvements

A significant change is how many apps you can see at one time. In the past, the most apps you could compare at one time was four. With the new version, you can now compare as many as 10 apps at one time. Yes, we have more than doubled the capability of comparison! And now you don’t have to hassle with constantly subbing out apps to expand the comparison.

How is this possible? Easy, it uses horizontal scroll instead of vertical scroll, allowing you to do major, in-depth comparisons of many apps at the same time. Less jumping around, more time spent actually researching apps!

We have kept the most important features of our original comparison tool. You can still see the cost of the apps and in app purchases, you still have the videos and screenshots to get a feel for the apps, but now there is also a brief description about the apps along with Ratings & Reviews, a new section for the page. Another new feature is you can select to compare either positive or negative reviews from other users on a given app. And if all of that is too much, you can choose to reduce the amount of information you see in the comparison as well. 

How It Works

Control what information you compare using the Editor Button, located at the lower right hand side of the page. When you click on it, you can elect to get even more information on the apps you have chosen or to add apps, remove or change apps. For example, let’s say you want to add an app. You go to the Editor Button, type the app name, select the app, and voila! You can even keep adding more apps, up to 10. Soon, you have your own customized comparisons to make the best choice for the app that fulfills your needs.

There is so much you can do with the new app Compare Tool that it will take too long to describe with this article. So go see for yourself and have fun with it! It’s now your page and you’re in total control.

Ready to try it out? Explore this example comparison of health & fitness apps, then try building your own comparison from scratch!

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The New and Improved AppGrooves Compare Tool




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