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The GMAT Prep Guide for Best Performance

What You Need to Know About GMAT

Here's why the GMAT is such a big deal and why you should consider taking it:

Virtually Everyone Wants to Sit for It

Judging from the test’s competitiveness, the GMAT sees a teeming population of graduate school hopefuls sit for it every year. Like all exams, there are passes, excellent performances, and, of course, fails.

Different from your undergraduate exams, the GMAT is offered internationally in over 100 countries worldwide.

An Objective System of Examination

The GMAT examination is 100% computer computer-based. It focuses mainly on evaluating your competence level in areas of critical thinking and essential reasoning. Each question is carefully selected to assess your quantitative skills, measure your verbal skills, and your analytical skills.

It's Highly Essential for MBA Aspirants

As is the trend with top business schools offering MBA programs, your admission merit would be measured based on your GMAT performance. You must choose to perform exceptionally as other admission factors like your undergraduate performance and career history can’t be changed.

Essential Resources Needed for GMAT Success

Preparation is vital for passing any exam at all. Here are some GMAT resources to help you prepare strategically for success:

Practice Questions

One of the secrets to acing GMAT is getting familiar with the questions. Attempt as many GMAT practice questions as possible. You can access many of these resources online. While attempting the practice questions is excellent, it can't be considered a full-length practice without a review of your answers. The practice questions and answers prepare you for what to expect.

Study Plans & Course Materials

There’s no limit to what a well-outlined study plan and excellent course materials can help you achieve in your test. There are online GMAT resource centers offering e-books, study guides, and handbooks on GMAT study strategies. For instance, experts recommend that a study plan spanning at least three months before the exam is best for success.

Get an Exam Timer

Speed and accuracy are of great essence to GMAT. The test lasts 3.5 hours, covering the instructions, tests, and breaks. To be prepared, you need to download a GMAT timer to measure your speed as you practice.

Register for a Prep Course

You can signup for a prep course with experienced instructors. You get mentorship on how to study right for the exam. There are both online centers like Manhattan Prep, Purdue University, and Magoosh and offline classroom centers, offering this learning opportunity at a fee. 

How to Prepare Yourself for GMAT

A high GMAT score moves you miles ahead of other applicants to securing admission in your dream school. Reports have it that test-takers who perform excellently with high scores starting from 700 and above spent over 90 hours in prep time three-six months before test day.

With the resources listed above, how can you use them to prepare yourself? Here’s how:

Consider Your Schedule

The need to devote time to your study plan is very critical to your preparation. If you're working or have other competing commitments, then it is best to signup with a prep center that can develop a flexible study plan for you.

Take a Course

Taking a prep course may also increase your chances of coming out successful. There are private tutorials and self-paced online classes for your study needs.

Tips for Attempting the Official GMAT Test

Be at Ease

Stay confident. You’ve spent hours practicing for this day. Get enough rest before test day and don't give room to anxiety. You get a rest break during your test strictly to help you relax and maybe grab lunch. The break is not for studying or trying to cram as you may get penalized.

Remember, it's "Computerized Adaptive Testing"

The system analyses your answering pattern, using that to generate newer questions. It presents an easy question; if you answer correctly, it poses a more difficult one. If you answer wrong, you get a less-complex question.

Skip With Care

You may be unable to go back to skipped questions. Timing your speed should be integral to your test preparation. You should pick the order of your test sections, so you start with your strengths.

Read Carefully & Answer More

The questions come with many incorrect options created to throw you off balance. You may get penalized for unanswered questions, so it's best to pick your best option instead of leaving questions blank.

How to Create a GMAT Study Schedule

Create a Personal Study Plan

Follow through with your practice tests and use them for mapping out a timeline. You can set study day-to-day and weekly goals for yourself.

Understand Your Learning Technique

While preparation is vital, it is paramount to adopt a convenient learning method that sits well with your work schedule if you have a job.

Join a GMAT Discussion Forum 

Many online centers have discussion forums that encourage collaboration between applicants. When you join a forum, it’s easier to discover useful tips that can increase your chances of getting a high GMAT score.

There may be no absolute rule for GMAT success. However, your success chances may increase significantly with our GMAT Prep guide. It’s time to begin the journey to your dream school. Start today by choosing from our Best Apps for GMAT Prep. 

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