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Best Apps for Electronics Shopping Deals 2021

There is no need to spend a fortune when shopping for tech. You can save quite a bit, even when looking for high-end gadgets, and results may come as a surprise.




Best Apps for Electronics Shopping Deals 2021

Should a new laptop or smartphone ruin your credit score? Of course not! The internet offers an endless sea of bargains and possibilities but is also filled with poor customer service and even scammers. So we bit the bullet and tested the top online stores and deal platforms, finding that the most impressive savings came from the Newegg Mobile app with the lowest prices for the hottest laptops and the new iPhone 12. Here's why we chose this app and more:

Our Pick

Your wallet will love this one

  • Download the Newegg App today and start saving money by shopping our best deals!
    4.6 Ratings 173K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    Free Feature Rich Fresh


Going in, we didn't exactly expect this platform to snatch the top spot with such bravado. Easy to navigate and tweak to suit your needs, it is arguably the best path to saving your hard-earned cash. No other online store presented us with lower prices. A winner by a long shot.

 Why we chose Newegg Mobile:

  • The store offers both refurbished and brand new products, allowing you to save as much as possible in the process.
  • The prices of laptops start as low as $92. Tablets are even cheaper.
  • A brand new iPhone 11, fresh out of the box, averages at $799. The most recent addition to the Apple family, iPhone 12, starts at $890.
  • A smart TV system can be had for a mere $109, letting you turn your home into a proper entertainment center at the fraction of the cost.
  • The app boasts an excellent recommendations section that uses your previous searches and purchases to show products you might like.
  • Ships all over the world.

No other app on the list has been able to perform so well, ticking every box that was important to our test.

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Runner Up

A pleasant surprise

  • Selling digital cameras, video equipment, computers & electronics since 1973.
    4.8 Ratings 136K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    Free Feature Rich


Coming in second, B&H is known for its focus on professional equipment. Still, there's also plenty for us regular people. Regardless of whether you're a student, between jobs, or simply looking to pinch a few pennies, you definitely cannot afford to skip this heaven for all frugal folks out there

Why we chose B&H Photo Video:

  • The store offers an impressive selection of tech - including phones, computers, and home entertainment centers.
  • You'll have to part with a mere $124 for a laptop. Plenty of excellent choices when it comes to selecting a good smart TV.
  • Faithful to its original purpose, it is perfect for lovers of top-notch audio and video equipment.
  • Many items come with free US shipping, often resulting in substantial savings.
  • The only downside is the search function. It's impossible to order items by price. Everything else has left us impressed. 

Despite the last point, B&H is a destination no lover of tech should miss.

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Also Groovy

Don't underestimate the Chinese market

  • Get our shopping app for free shipping & up to 70% off!
    4.6 Ratings 12M+ Reviews 500M+ Downloads
    Free Feature Rich Fresh 1M+ Reviews


We couldn't possibly wrap this top 3 up without mentioning AliExpress. China's answer to Amazon and eBay rolled into one; it allows you to connect with sellers from across Asia and the world for a host of reasonable prices. 

Why we chose AliExpress:

  • Enormous selection of tech - both famous brands and lesser-known names.
  • Laptops start at $92, smart TVs at $116, while an iPhone 12 can be had for $944.
  • AliExpress offers great customer support and buyer protection, making sure that every product is delivered to your door - or you get a full refund.
  • Unfortunately, most items are shipped from China, which can rack up the shipping costs. You can get some items directly from US sellers - but not all. 

Some people may feel apprehensive but, according to our experience, there is no need to be. Customer protection is excellent.

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Everything We Recommend

  • Our Pick
    Upgrade your online shopping with Newegg! We are the largest electronics e-retailer in North America and we sell millions of products in 50 countries including USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, United Kingdom and other countries. Browse through our large collection of product categories including Laptops, Desktop PCs, Graphics Card, Computer Components, Computer Systems, Monitors, Hard Drives, Memory, Accessories and many more. We provide great shopping experience from purchase to shipping delivery including excellent customer service.

    Selected SoCal Areas Are Eligible For Free Same-Day, & Next Day Shipping On Qualifying Deals in the App Now.

    Features & Functionality
    We have taken everything you love about Newegg.com and put it in our app. Whether you are a new or existing customer, we make it easy for you to shop and buy.

    Cool stuff you can do with our app:
    1. Track Order status and get notified regularly
    2. Scan Barcodes
    3. Write and read product reviews
    4. Side-by-Side product comparison by price & feature
    5. Maintain Wish list
    6. Live Chat support
    7. Personalize your homepage and much more

    Discounts & Deals
    At Newegg, we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality merchandise at a great price. You can be sure that all of our products will be competitively priced, and you may find yourself constantly watching for our killer sales. Activate notifications on your phone so you can be the first to know about Newegg’s promotions or get pricing alerts about your favorite products. With Newegg's app you can follow our Daily Deals, Shell Shocker, or Newegg Flash sales.

    It’s time to download our app and start saving from today!!!
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  • Runner Up

    B&H Photo Video

    4.8 Ratings 136K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    Welcome to B&H!

    The B&H Photo Video Android App allows users to shop our vast product catalog on the go, in the most convenient, befitting way. View products with high-resolution photos, read professional reviews, get educated on features and specifications, all with an easily accessible, intuitive interface. Our mobile app makes it virtually effortless to browse and search for products, check product availability, and share products with friends and family. As you experience the “on-the-go” B&H experience, remember that B&H’s goal is to provide you with a state-of-art environment in which to shop, browse, and learn about the products you love, regardless of whether you shop on our Website, in our SuperStore, or on our mobile app.

    Some of our app’s features:

    • Order securely and safely on the fly.
    • Check out using your favorite method: Android Pay, PayPal or B&H Secure Checkout.
    • Go back in time and check an old purchase, with our newly-designed Order History feature.
    • Read professional product reviews, with detailed descriptions, specs, videos and high-resolution product images.
    • Add products to your wishlist, share wish lists, and create wish lists, all on the go.
    • Share a product with a friend on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, email, and even SMS.

    All in all, the B&H Android App brings new resources to working professionals in the field, and to those preferring mobility. B&H Photo Video appreciates each and every customer, and looks forward to supplying you with the hottest, latest gear and accessories. Our Android app is an extension of our website and SuperStore, and includes reliable speedy shipping, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service, all of which you’ve grown accustomed to as a customer of B&H Photo Video.

    A Note on Requested Permissions

    • Writing to external storage: This allows us to save product manuals for offline reference. We also give you the option to move the app to your SD card, if you choose to do so.

    • Camera: This allows you to scan barcodes from the search bar, to find products quickly and accurately. You can also use it to scan your card when checking out.

    • Identity: This lets you use a Google account to check out quickly.

    • Location: To better improve your shopping experience. Stay tuned for new location-based features!

    • Phone Calls: To enable our Customer Service calling feature. Check it out on the bottom of a detail page.
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  • Also Groovy


    4.6 Ratings 12M+ Reviews 500M+ Downloads
    Ready to score some amazing deals? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ AliExpress is
    the go-to online shopping app to find everything you need at your fingertips!
    Plus enjoy FREE SHIPPING on over 75% of items! 🆓 New to AliExpress?
    Sign up & get exclusive deals or gifts today! 🎁


    Explore thousands of good quality brands and millions of items from
    fashion, home, health, tech, toys, sports, shoes and more!


    Snap a picture of the item you’re looking for or upload a photo to find an
    exact match or similar items. Easy peasy!


    Play mini games such as Fantastic Farm and Coupon Pals to earn greater


    Get items picked specially for you based on your preferences. You'll always
    find something you want here.


    Explore all the top-ranked items based on number of orders, views, adds to
    cart and more!


    Make safe and seamless transactions with your preferred method - whether by
    credit card or wire transfer.


    All items are covered with Buyer Protection. Get a refund within 15-30 days
    if the item you received is not as described.


    - Daily Flash Deals

    - Earn multiple coins and coupons

    - Order management & automatic shipment notifications

    - Multiple language and currency support

    - 24/7 Help Centre

    - More exciting features to come!


    Enjoyed the experience on AliExpress? Tell us what you think - we'd love to
    hear from you!

    If you noticed any bugs or would like to request for a feature, drop us a
    note in the app by tapping 'Account' then 'App Suggestion'.
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