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The Best Ways to Crop & Cut Videos

Find a Free Cropping App to Quickly Edit Videos

Being able to quickly edit and crop videos from your phone is extremely convenient. Despite the high cost of conventional photoshop and editing software, new apps that can do most of the essential editing functions are being offered for free for iPhone and Android users. If you are trying to send a video to a loved one or friend quickly, these free editing apps are perfect. Using a free photoshop app can let you promptly crop a longer video, which is helpful for several reasons. 

The first advantage is a shorter video requires less data to send. Whether you are on a limited data plan or have poor cell service, cropping a video will make it much easier to send. The second advantage of quickly cropping a video before you send it is to make sure the recipient can quickly find the important part. Watching a baby’s first steps is an incredibly important moment. Still, it can be hard to watch a 10-minute video while at work, but using a free cropping app lets you quickly knock that 10-minute video to 10 seconds so everyone can happily enjoy funny family moments.

Use Apps Made for Social Media Sites for Killer Post

Whether you are trying to increase your following or managing a business, an active social media campaign is essential. Adding effective video content is an easy way to increase interactions with your post. However, trying to keep up with consistently creating new video content is hugely time-consuming, and can be challenging to do if you are away from your computer. 

Luckily, there are video and picture editing apps that are specially made for sites like Instagram or Vsco. While you won't have access to the full editing studio that more expensive apps offer, you can quickly resize your video to the right ratio, so it looks good on the mobile viewing platform provided by different social media sites. Besides resizing videos, the right social media video editor will make snipping different video segments easy with a drag and drop format. With simple cropping, resizing, and sound, you can create engaging social media content on the go whether you're at the beach or just commuting to work on the express train.

Download Professional Apps for More Editing Options

Once you get used to simple editing techniques on a phone, you might get accustomed to the convenience of editing videos on the go. Now that you want to start using more advanced features, it is time to look for apps that are a bit more complicated. Adobe makes a few editing apps that are available for mobile phones, and allow the user to work on the video from photo cropping to video creating. For example, you can stretch the background to create irregular cropping options, or fix teeth that aren't entirely as white as you would like them to be. However, Adobe products run on the more expensive side of editing apps, so it pays to look at other options. 

In addition, Snapseed is another excellent photo editing option. While it doesn't quite have as many features as the adobe products, it is free. Between Snapseed and Adobe, there are hundreds of other options, so it is essential to know what features you are going to use. Once you have an idea about what functions you want from a video editor, start comparing the prices between different apps that have what you want. By comparing several different apps, you can avoid paying for editing features you won't use so that you can spend it on something important: like a new lens for your camera.

Learn Different Editing Techniques Through Online Courses

Now that you have a new professional video editing app, you might be slightly overwhelmed by all of the buttons, but not to worry. There are hundreds of videos explaining how to use different editing apps, usually for free. If you want to learn on the go, feel free to download an app like Coursera. Coursera offers specific courses over just about everything from videographer techniques to post-production video editing. If you don't like the structure of its apps, there are hundreds of other apps available to help you learn. 

Another feature to look for in an online learning app is the option to download a lesson. Being able to download lessons is a lifesaver for those with crazy lives. Having a lesson downloaded lets you access it from wherever you are and comes in handy when phone service is crummy, or for airplane flights. Nothing like learning how to convert images and videos, or creating shapes with lighting all on a quick 3-hour flight to your next meeting. And it's definitely more productive than listening to the poor guy next to you snore during the flight.

Use Apps Made for PC & Phones to Make Transitions Easy

As you venture into more advanced editing techniques, the ability to seamlessly switch between editing on your phone and editing on your computer will be extremely useful. In order to keep the learning curve to a minimum, it is best to use an app that works on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and computer. This way, you will only have to learn one program. Also, when you learn one program, using an app compatible with all of your devices will keep the cost down.

Hopefully, these tips will put you on the right track to finding a video cropping app that works for you. Look at the list below for a few great examples of cropping apps that can help you stay productive no matter where you are.