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The Best Apps to Transfer Money at Little or No Cost

The Best Apps to Transfer Money at Little or No Cost

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Money transferring through your phone can be stressful. Find the best apps to do what you need to do without incurring fees or risking your personal information. 

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Table of Contents

  1. The best money transfer apps for your phone
  2. Find stores that can transfer money
  3. Avoid transfer fees
  4. Use venmo without losing a percentage of your money
  5. Transfer money internationally safely and easily

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The best money transfer apps for your phone

The ability to transfer money to and from your phone has really made life more convenient. Its applications in real-life scenarios are nearly endless, and the best money sending app for you will make everyday activities much more productive, simple, and even safer. Imagine you're heading out for your morning jog routine and you don't want to carry a wallet or purse with you. Typically, you'd have to carry cash loose in your pocket or risk a debit card bouncing right out as you bound down the street if you wanted to get some coffee (or a doughnut) at the end of this jog. With mobile banking apps and other apps like Square cash, you can pay at most stores from your phone, so all you need to bring on your phone is what you'd use to play your music anyways. There are also a lot of different ways to transfer money to other phones and bank accounts, like Zelle send money, Venmo send money, and Xoom, which is a subsidiary of PayPal and allows you to transfer money overseas. 

Find stores that can transfer money

Even though you can transfer money from your phone to other bank accounts, there are still plenty of occasions in which a wire transfer is more appropriate. Mobile apps can also be helpful in finding gas stations that do money orders and stores nearby that could transfer money. The money transfer Walmart has to offer is convenient, but their customer service lines are typically slow moving. You can use the western union online app, but if you forget your western union login, then you may have to utilize a store transfer or the western union united states register site to find your login info. Mobile apps can be a much more effective way to transfer money and cut through all of the red tape and logistical issues with transferring from the store. If you think that transferring money from the store is safer, then you should look into the research on the latest money transfer mobile apps to see their track records with security and convenience. Many of them will also help you find places nearby in which to perform a money transfer if necessary. 

Avoid transfer fees

If you enjoy being able to transfer money with mobile apps, then you've probably realized there are times when these moneyservices make you incur certain fees, whether it's within the usa or not. The best money transfer mobile apps can direct you in ways to make sure that you won't be charged a fee to perform these transfers. For example, apps like Venmo offer free transfers if you add someone as a friend or a contact on the apps. Many of these apps are featured on transferwise reviews, and these reviews also show the ways that you can transfer money for free without incurring any fees. Transferring money and avoiding the fees can help you manage your budget and move money to and from the correct accounts. It can also help you budget money with a spouse or share money with friends and family. The days of having to split the bill at restaurants are over. Simply put the bill all on one card for convenience' sake and then transfer money between your friends to settle any debts. 

Use venmo without losing a percentage of your money

If you transfer money on Venmo, you are well aware of these fees. Venmo can be an incredibly useful tool, but there is a certain process you need to go through in order to transfer money without incurring the fees. First, when you send money us to us, you can add users as friends in order to transfer for free. You can also transfer money from your Venmo account to your bank account without a fee if you wait one business day. You could also utilize Venmo to act as sort of a cash advance app. You see, when you want to use a credit card for a cash advance, the company can seize funds for a few days. If you Venmo transfer money to yourself from a credit card, you can instant transfer money to your bank account to have a sort of cash advance, even getting it in minutes by just paying a 1% or $10 maximum fee. If you run into instant transfer not working, then you'll only have to wait one business day. 

Transfer money internationally safely and easily

Mobile apps are also one of the safest and most convenient ways to transfer money internationally. If you can send international calls and texts then you'll have an even easier time sending money international. For people who wonder, "how can i send money to germany" or what the best way to transfer money internationally is, mobile apps are much easier than using a kroger money order credit card or searching for gas stations that do money orders near me. Venmo, paypal, and mobile banking apps powered by Zelle can be a much safer and easier way to send money to someone internationally, and if they can use a payment app from their phone, then they won't even have to exchange the money once in the next country. If you're wondering "can you transfer money from venmo to paypal", that may end up costing you a fee. Instead, you should check if your mobile banking app has Zelle capabilities to perform these kinds of transfers internationally without the fees. 

When trying to transfer money, security and convenience are the main priorities. Get both in the same place with these user-friendly money transfer apps. 


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