Challenge yourself while you pass the time and fight your boredom with a crossword puzzle. Doing physical crossword puzzles can be difficult with a busy lifestyle, but with these crossword puzzle apps, you can do them anywhere you go! Forget about running out of content, you can choose from loads of daily crossword puzzles for hours of fun! 


Test your knowledge with some entertaining crossword puzzle games that have unlimited tries so you can keep trying to solve them with no penalty! Want to know how good your vocabulary is? The puzzles begin easy but grow increasingly more difficult as you continue! All crosswords have beautiful backgrounds that make you feel relaxed while you play. There are over 3,700 puzzles to do, so you never have to worry about running out of content. 

Wordscapes is a great app for anyone who would like to do daily crossword puzzles to improve their skills. Some users have found that there is no feature inside the app to search for a word’s definition. However, this app is great for killing time, with relaxing music and additional anagram puzzles along with crosswords, which you cannot find anywhere else!

Crosswords With Friends

Solve themed crossword puzzles every day of the week, from Movie Monday to Wayback Wednesday! Want some friendly competition? Get fresh content and motivate yourself through fun challenges! You can compete with friends and family, and check the leaderboard to see how you are progressing! Earning rewards and getting fun badges for completing challenges make the game an exciting way to pass the time. 

Crosswords with Friends is a great way to keep your mind active and challenged. Some users have found that, though the game is easy to enjoy, the advertisements can be a bit distracting when playing. However, if you are willing to be a bit patient, you'll find the benefit of a free game outweighs the occasional ad. Crosswords With Friends because of it's social feature, is one of the most unique free crossword puzzles out there!


Do your crossword puzzles anywhere by creating an account! Switch between devices with ease or log onto the NYTimes website to complete your puzzles there. Want a quick way to do a crossword puzzle in a limited amount of time? The New York Times crossword puzzle app also offers a mini puzzle that you can solve in less time than a regular version! This crossword is similar to the USA Today crossword and the WSJ crossword that you find in newspapers! Get exciting, new content daily with the puzzle of the day! The crosswords get more and more difficult as the week progresses!

Some users have found that to access the additional content you need a subscription to the NYTimes Crossword. Sure, this might not be for everyone, but for those who have been solving the NYT crossword puzzle for years, the subscription is worth all the additional content!

Daily Themed Crossword 

Find a theme that you love like music or sports and have fun doing crossword puzzles for that theme! Challenge your brain with this addicting puzzle game and improve your vocabulary at the same time! A new puzzle is available for you to do every day so you can build a daily habit of doing a crossword puzzle and never get bored of it! If you get stumped along the way use a hint to help you find the answer! 

Daily Themed Crossword is a great way to keep your mind active while doing themed puzzles. Some players have found that while playing the app may freeze for a second, but with just a little patience they can continue to play their game and it is definitely worth waiting for! 

Crossword puzzle can be such a fun and productive way to spend your free time. Challenge your mind and learn some interesting new words! For more amazing crossword puzzle games take a look at our Best 10 Crossword Puzzle Games! 

The best crossword puzzles, spanning a variety of topics and difficulty levels. Heaven for even the most intense of crossword makers!

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