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The Benefits of Aromatherapy & Candle Making

Awaken your senses with intentional scents

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Table of Contents

  1. 1. Scents With Intent
  2. 2. The Benefits of Aromatherapy
  3. 3. A New Candlemaker’s Craft
  4. 4. How to Make Candles From Scratch
  5. 5. Why You Should DIY
Once your favorite candle is lit, your house becomes a home, and your space transforms into a sacred place.
- Devorah Kuperhand, owner of Esh Candles

Candles have been a source of illumination – be it out of necessity or celebration – for more than 5,000 years. However, in modern-day, candles have evolved beyond their original purposes to encompass a more progressive ritual: self-care. According to a 2019 Grand View Research report, the global candle market was valued at $3.45 billion in 2018.

Furthermore, the aesthetically appealing product is highly utilized by female millennials – a group specifically devoted to self-care practices – which is anticipated to drive additional industry growth. Below, learn about the benefits of aromatherapy, along with how to make candles from the comfort of your own home – a self-care activity in itself.

Scents With Intent

From an early age, Laura McCann’s senses were awakened. “At 7, my mother moved us to Paris so she could fulfill her dream of being an artist,” shares the founder and chief mood booster of ADORAtherapy. “Growing up in France had a massive impact on my senses.” In fact, life as a Parisian had McCann fully immersed in beauty and fashion, where scent always played a part in her life. “As a teenager, every morning started with a dab of perfume behind the ears.” On the other hand, McCann says that aromatherapy was largely unknown for much of her life. “It wasn’t until my 50s that I was introduced to aromatherapy,” she admits.

Moreover, McCann credits her cofounder, Adora Winquist, an intuitive healer and trained aromatherapist, with introducing her to this new and eye-opening world. “At the time, I was working on shifting my beauty and wellness habits to be more mindful, more self-loving, and specifically, I was looking for clean alternatives to perfume.”

From there, McCann became a dedicated student of aromatherapy – learning all about its complexities, rewards, and histories. As she shopped the shelves of beauty retailors, she noted that aromatherapy options were not yet available as a perfume alternative. “I didn’t see what I thought was needed: a simple, ready-to-go, prêt-a-porter way to use pre-blended essential oils.”

It was this epiphany that led McCann to launch ADORAtherapy, in an effort to become a leading force in the “clean perfume” category, as well as the aromatherapy space. The alcohol-free product line highlights scent profiles including citrus, floral, and woodsy while focusing on the right ingredients. “When you do not use alcohol as a carrier, you create a truly breathable product. Add to that essential oil’s amazing therapeutic benefits, and you now have something healing and aromatic. We call this effect a ‘mood boost,’” she shares. Currently, ADORAtherapy boasts 19 scents, which are marketed toward boosting your mood, your chakras, and your room.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Founded on the belief that Mother Earth’s abundant resources offer the ability to transform the human experience, ADORAtherapy works to lift and shift the mood, allowing consumers to tap into their best selves. “When we have the presence of mind and heart to be more adoring and compassionate with ourselves, this very feeling cascades into the world and all we touch within it,” offers McCann. “As we individually transform into the best version of ourselves, we weave a new tapestry for humankind, ultimately elevating our collective consciousness.”

Also, McCann shares that aromatherapy works to link the sense of smell with the brain. “There is a powerful connection between olfaction and the limbic center of our brain, which regulates our physiology, including mood, memory, and emotion,” she shares. “When breathing in essential oil blends made with pure plant aromas, we can literally transform how we feel in the moment, positively shifting the way we relate to ourselves, our personal and professional relations, and ultimately, the world around us.”

To illustrate, by creating formulas with aromatics made from plant products, McCann and her team look to stimulate the senses in a way that awakens the joys and passions of humanity. “The greater we feel, the more this creates a bridge to allow for our greatest self-expression to surface.”

A New Candlemaker’s Craft

Like McCann, Devorah Kuperhand was enveloped by scents at a young age. “I grew up obsessed with scents, and would constantly hide in my mother’s closet and douse myself with her perfume,” she shares. “As I grew older, I learned to appreciate the environment that a candle could create, the wick and its burn, and different qualities of smells and fragrances.” Ultimately, Kuperhand’s passion guided her toward crafting artisanal aromatherapy-driven candles full-time, and now she is the owner of Esh Candles, which is less than 1 year old.

“I mainly decided to sell candles because I knew in my bones that this is what I loved to do,” explains Kuperhand. “I love to create the product from start to finish, to combine scents and envision what that fragrance will make people feel, to customize candles to be a part of celebration, and to hear how much my clients love our products.”

Moreover, Kuperhand is enchanted by the transformative properties of the candle and everything it represents. “Once your favorite candle is lit, your house becomes a home, and your space transforms into a sacred place,” she says. “I have spent years in busy, hectic routines, and nothing helped me destress more than lighting a candle and allowing myself to be mesmerized by the flickering flame.” In addition, Kuperhand praises candles for their ability to complement different self-care rituals, including meditation, prayer, unwinding, or simply brightening a room.

How to Make Candles From Scratch

In order to craft candles from scratch, in addition to “tons of patience,” according to Kuperhand, you must first gather the required materials. Make sure to compile wax, wicks, fragrance oil or essential oils, a candle-melting pot, and vessels for the finished products.

Once you have your supplies handy, you can create candles in just 7 easy steps. These include:

Melting the wax: First, research the melting point of your chosen wax, and then melt your wax to that temperature in your candle-melting pot.

Cooling the candle and adding fragrance: Once the candle drops below 180 degrees Fahrenheit, add your desired fragrance to the melted wax and mix well for 1 to 2 minutes. (Be sure to note how much of your chosen fragrance is needed prior to this step.)

Placing the wick: Secure your vessel of choice on a flat surface and then place the wick(s) into the vessel(s).

Filling the vessel: Pour the scented, melted wax into the vessel, and wait for it to cool completely.

Curing the candle: Let the candle sit and cure for 24 hours.

Trimming the wick: Next, trim the wick down to 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch.

Lighting the candle: Enjoy the newest aromatherapy addition to your self-care repertoire.

Pro Tip: Once your new candles are ready to burn, McCann suggests downloading the Soulvana app, which offers guided meditations with knowledgeable healers.

Why You Should DIY

Given the pandemic, creating your own candles at home offers a fun, purposeful, and therapeutic activity to do alone, with kids (while supervised), or as a couple. “Candle making is something that everyone can enjoy,” says Kuperhand. “It’s a great crafting activity, since many online retailers sell home candle kits for an affordable price.” Still, Kuperhand says that candle making can open up a new world of science and art for everyone involved. “I will always advocate for anything that can do that for people!” she exclaims. 

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The Benefits of Aromatherapy & Candle Making




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