🔠 Test Your Vocabulary with The Best Scrabble & Boggle Games

Word games have been around way before we got our mobile phones and they have been entertaining people for centuries.

But if you're a fan of games like Scrabble or Boggle you know how tiring it can be sorting all the tiles before and after the game.

To ensure you have fun without having to clean up afterward, we bring you three great word mobile games.

1. Scrabble by Electronic Arts

If you need a quick way to pass the time and you're up for a fun game, we can't suggest Scrabble enough.

The AI provides just enough challenge to keep it entertaining even if you're playing alone.

On the other hand, if you want to play with friends or against people around the world, you can play Scrabble online as well.

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Best 10 Scrabble & Boggle Games

2. Wordfeud by Bertheussen

If you're all about challenging yourself against other players, Wordfeud might be a better choice for you.

The game has a very active community so match finding is quick and you don't have to wait long for a game.

It also comes with some unique mechanics like randomizing tiles if you're looking to spice it up.

3. Words With Friends 2 by Zynga

Our last pick is Words With Friends 2. You can play online as well, but that's not the game's biggest quality.

If you ever need help playing Scrabble, the game includes a rich dictionary of words ranging from science to pop culture.

We spent a good time just going through the dictionary before starting the game as it's an awkwardly fun way to actually learn new words.

The three games listed have two advantages. They are a great way to pass the extra time, and they help you learn new stuff. 

It's a perfect education and entertainment combo.

In case none of the above games are down your alley, we suggest you check The Best 10 Scrabble & Boggle Games. You can be sure you'll find your favorite in an instant.

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