Test Your Brainpower with The Best Escape Puzzle Games

Sunday evening is usually the time you put your brain muscles to rest. But what if you could use that bad boy for entertainment?

It’s incredible how escape puzzle games can make thinking not just fun but thrilling. Each game feels as if you’re in some top-quality detective money.

Since there are puzzle games with many difficulties, we bring you the best escape puzzle game for easy, medium and hard difficulty. 

1. Cube Escape: Paradox

There aren’t many games on the market with such a high score as Cube Escape.

The game starts with a stunning 20-minute film that’s a piece of art for itself. And after you let a soft “wow” leave your mouth, you can start the actual game.

Each puzzle in the game feels unique and polished. Hard enough provide to provide a challenge without causing you to scream in frustration.

2. The Room by Fireproof Games

The Room is another groundbreaking and highly popular game. It’s amazing how much entertainment-value you can get from trying to crack a single safe.

The puzzles are definitely harder and the game is aimed at players who want some challenge.

But the entire gameplay is so well done, you’ll continue playing even if you get stuck with a specific puzzle.

3. Machinarium

Don’t let the cute robot and his robotic gal fool you. Machinarium provides some exciting challenge.

Each room comes with a puzzle and just when you think you started understanding the logic, the game hits you with something new.

But you’ll definitely have a hard time letting go of this one. Not just because of the gameplay, but also because of the incredibly cute and beautiful graphics.

If you enjoy a game that’s both challenging and fun at the same time, one of the Best 10 Escape Puzzle Games is definitely for you.

Anyone can play them and are a great way to put your problem-solving chops to the test without getting annoyed.

Sunday may be the time to take a rest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some top-quality fun. Enjoy!

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