👶 💲 Teach Kids to Value Money with the Best To Do List Apps

Already at the age of 3, kids start to learn basic money concepts. Naturally, they can't learn how to invest, but they can quickly learn that money doesn't grow on trees.

So it's vital to start guiding them straight away as at the age of 7, they can already have fully-formed money habits.

To help you out, we bring you three fun games that can help you teach your kids how to save, spend and use their "hard earned" cash.

1. Play the Saving Game

A great way to teach your kid saving is by helping them understand why they must save in the first place.

If you give them $10 immediately, they won't appreciate it, so start with a penny. Every day double the previous day's amount--so 1 penny, 2 pennies, 4 pennies, etc.

On day 11 they will have $10 and this way they will quickly learn how saving money is a process that requires time.

2. How To Use Money Game

After saving $10, why not teach them how to spend money? Start by creating 2 jars and label them Saving and Spending.

The saved money goes into "Saving" and each time they want to spend, move the amount to the "Spending" jar. 

They will learn how everything has a price. You can even use an app like Wunderlist to create a goal to help kids visualize the progress they are making.

3. Prepare Food Game

Finally, teach them how to use money efficiently with a fun food game. Put extra $10 in the "Spending" jar and tell them to plan a family meal.

They must list the groceries, so they don't go over the $10 limit. After, go grocery shopping and prepare the meal together.

At the same time, you can teach them about healthy eating by using healthy recipe apps together to find the $10 meal.

Eat heart-healthy and stay fit, with hundreds of easy recipes from breakfast to healthy dinners for the whole family available at your fingertips.

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You as a parent play an essential role as you need to guide them, but also let them make decisions. It's also crucial you as the parent to stay concise. 

To stick to the rules, you can use one of The Best 10 To Do List Apps to organize the games for yourself and your child.

This way you can spend quality time with your kids and teach them about money, responsibility and how to be organized. 

Who knows, you might even learn something from them.

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